We understand everybody wants to be socially distancing right now and this pandemic crisis

But today when we accidentally walked in the wrong door at Forsyth Illinois Menards one of your employees walk directly over got in my face within the foot of my face telling me you got to go in the other door you got to go in the other door get out of here

like I stated previously I respect the social disorders we have masks on we have gloves on my wife is immune comprable she has cancer I don't need somebody getting within one foot of my face like we're going to throw fisticuffs or something over walking in the wrong door I spent thousands of dollars in your store and you'll never get another Penny out of me again Forsyth Illinois Menards a bunch of racist and very disrespectful when I called the manager after leaving he was disrespectful as well Menards you can kiss my big black butt

Preferred solution: Apology.

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