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My name is Kathy Turney. We formed a food pantry on behalf of my departed 23yr old son.

I went to your store in Hodgkins, Illinois to buy two tall shelving units and groceries to stock the food pantry.

Your cashier was beyond rude.

From start to finish she accused me of a false tax ID letter. It is not fake. She said. " the cardinal rule is to apply" meaning if our church was in the system.

This is our first time using the tax letter as we open March 24th. She offered no direction as how to apply or what to do. This is after she accused me of using a fake letter.

We attempted to purchase clearance food items. I asked.

This is for a food pantry, can i ask someone if they can be discounted more. She said. They are only a dollar. And further stated, you have tax emmt what else do you want.

At this point, I am stunned. Ive worked for a major airlines for 20yrs and fully aware of the public. And what good customer service is.

I finally asked. Is there someone else I may speak with of the items being lessed.

Cashier also stated..there are over six thousand items..how does she kmow if it can be lessened. She called over Courtney. And the cashier, said. She wants this cheaper eventhough she has a tax letter.

I left.

Without buying anything. I felt humiliated as I wanted something for free. This is to feed the hungry. This is not for myself to eat 20 bags of stuffing.

Called the store and spoke with the front end manager as to her emp behavior.

This was cashier in aisle 8. Did not get a name.

Thank you

Kathy Turney

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: 6100 East Avenue, Hodgkins, IL 60525

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You do not know what good customer service is because you seem to think that saying no is bad customer service. By your logic, you were rude to your customers and provided bad service because according to you no is the same as rude.


It is real immature for an "adult" to mistake "no" as "rude." Just because you were told "no" does not mean that you were treated with rudeness. You were already told that they cannot give a further discount.

Not only was the food on clearance, but you got a tax exemption as well. There is nothing rude about them not giving you what you want. If you consider this rude, then I am sure that when you worked for the airlines, you were rude to your customers since you probably had to say no to them, After all when you were told no you considered the employee rude, so why not the other way around? I hope your church bans you from the charity.

You clearly are no doing it to help. Your pride is more important than feeding the hungry. So because of your pride and your refusal to accept no for an answer people have to go hungry. One can only hope that you are in the need of food, or programs like your church is providing and some overgrown toddler like yourself refuses to purchase anything because they were told no.

Your church needs to find out what kind of person you are. You were already told no because you basically got two discounts. Then you have the nerve to ask again. You may not be wanting things for free, but you got basically two discounts and want more off.

If you were in charge of the charity, people would starve to death because your pride is more important than feeding them. It is real immature of you to mistake no for rude. It is real immature of you to keep people hungry because your pride is more important than feeding them.

Because you are too immature to accept no for an answer. Hopefully if you are ever in this situation, the person helping you is not as arrogant and self centered.


hello there


When looking for discounts in any store, the cashier is not the person to ask. Talk to someone in management before taking your products to the registers.

As far as Menards goes you shouldn't expect much as they aren't known for donating much. Rather than giving outdated food to a food shelf they would rather put it in their compactor and send it to a landfill.


Most stores do that for liability issues. The OP is no better, rather than buying the food at an already reduced price, and tax exemption they chose not to buy a thing keeping the hungry, hungry over their own pride. Their pride and being right is more important than feeding hungry people.

@Rubena Wlv

The large grocery stores donate food generously to food rescue organizations and are protected from liability by the Good Samaritan Act. Many shelf stable foods are safe for months past the expiration dates on the packages. With the number of people in need there is no excuse for not putting food to good use.


Child, you make a valid point, but with all the people who are out to sue, it makes it difficult to do nice things.


But at the same time they have to learn that just because they are told no, it does not equal to rudeness or bad service, and if it does she was probably a rude employee because I am sure she had to say no to customers from time to time. So in her won words she may know what good customer service is, but provided terrible customer service to her customers.

She embarrassed herself by asking for further discounts and not taking no for an answer. She humiliated herself by not buying anything because she wanted someone else to reduce the prices even further.. The church needs to see her behavior and ban her from their organization. This oversized toddler cares more about getting her way than feeding people.

One can only hope if she is in the same situation that people are not as arrogant as her and not purchase food for her because they are too immature to accept no for an answer without accusing the employee of rudeness.

Then again maybe someone need to behave the way this overgrown toddler Kathy Turney behaved when she needs assistance. Maybe she needs someone to keep her hungry because they cannot take no for an answer.

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