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She never spoke Broke off two flowers of my plants that I was buying I told her to please dont break the plans she said I had to pick them up I said you can pick them up do you want to break them and she smart off said I am not breaking them I said would you please just be careful and all she said You owe 13.92 We shop all the time at menards We built our house through Menards but I will be damned if Im gonna deal with a rude cashier the date was five 1521 and her name was Haley Store 3290. I will tell you I told her she was being rude and if she wasnt happy with the job she shouldnt be here to treat people like she was she was very nasty

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Customer Care.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Menards Pros: Generally favorable shopping.

Menards Cons: Poor customer service poor employees.

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Posting here doesn't solve the problem. You should have talked to the store manager. You can also fill out one of their brown comment forms and send it in, they tend to be rather effective in getting the message to store management and the employees involved.


perhaps Haley previously worked at aldi where they absolutely love smashing cereal boxes, egg cartons, and causing cans of soda to dent and start leaking.


I told store manager she just looked at me like I was nothing


Shopping at menards is like dating first class women, they judge you by how thick your wallet is. If your loaded and love spending money they will be your best friend, but as soon as the wallet runs dry they ignore you for someone with deeper pockets.

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