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on 4/17/16 coon rapids mn. store... made purchase or screened enclosure after presenting my credit card I was given the info that a 11% promotion is taking place on the day after the 18th. I just asked to cancel this transaction. My reason was that I was going to make a large purchase when your promo returned, my bad I didn't pay attention, so I could have had had all delivered on one charge, but wanted this one item quick. anyway I was told I had to finish and complete my order which I hadn't yet or there would be a 25% restocking fee by this supervisor lady. OK that's your policy..

From the floor clerk who was rude saying they want the cheap one, to ignoring me when I asked a question printed it up told me to take it to check out turned and left, to the supervisor who acted like she didn't have time for me' and after talking to the manager knew I would have no help.

with this and other experiences I have had with this store my opinion is your PR sucks. I was told I can get a form and fill out and get the 11% and that is not what MY problem is. I can order on line from any chain store I want but like being able to ask questions if I have any. was treated like they really didn't care what I did. the one exception was the lady at the cash register she seemed to do what she could do to help me but most important to me was POLITE..

My other purchased I was waiting to make included 3 Anderson windows and material for a 82 sq ft cedar deck which I had already priced out. both these will be put on hold until I make up my Mind if I will do any further business with you...Like I say money is not the issue here, customer service is...I'm retired and like to walk into a store that will not me feel like I am imposing on them...PS credit card cancellation to follow

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Menards Cons: Service, Attittudes.

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82 square foot deck? Wow, I am sure everyone at Menards is crying themself to sleep over the loss of this huge sale. Which trailer park do you live in?

Also we dont sell Andersen windows you ***.


Well, you seem to be missing the point, he was trying to make a purchase, he didn't say he was in a trailer park. Also, you stated, we don't sell Andersen windows.

Obviously, you are an over protective employee. If Menard's don't value customers, with smaller purchases, shame on them.

By the way , I really hope Menard's appreciates you, fighting their battles for them. You kiss up, pretty good.

@Big T

I will have to disagree with you on a lot of points. The person who wrote this complaint lacks major skills when it comes to composing an argument.

He/she is unclear and has a lot of errors. He/she clearly lacks education. I'm certain this individual was being rude and ignorant. The outcome of this person being rude and ignorant was the staff being rude back.

I've worked retail for years and I have never been rude or abrasive to anyone who was respectful and kind, nor have I seen anyone other retail worker do such a thing. However, on many occasions I have seen rude customers get rude back. Far to many customers come waltzing into a store and act like their entitled to be treated like a king while they treat the workers like their nothing but trash.

Want good service? Then be a good customer!


This is obviously a bogus post. You couldn't have priced out Anderson (actually Andersen) windows at Menards. The quit carrying Andersen windows a good 15 years ago.


SO Restocking fees also can't be charged if you don't make the purchase in the first place, it sounds like the cashier tried to do him a solid by informing him about the upcoming promotion but he bought it anyway because of pressure from the FEM/ head cashier. Sorry dude, there's no one to blame but yourself on this one.


I really don't see the need for an employee of Menard's to bash paying customers. I understand that you may be a loyal employee, BUT, you cannot continue to bash people for the stupidity that your opinion is implying and expect people to want to continue to shop at Menard's.

The problem is in the rudeness of the people working there and you are solidifying that with your comments by bashing people who are trying to shop there. Without paying customers your loyalty will lie elsewhere, like the Federal Government Office in the unemployment line.

Yes, some people do *** things, don't read instructions and don't always understand why Menard's does things the way they do and may not like it... A little kindness and grace will keep people calm and keep people going back to the store for more products.

We are not all ***, dumb***'s, or incompetent.

Some of us are qualified contractors who own businesses and spend thousands a year at Home Improvement Stores.

Unlike you who work at said store and get paid from Menard's by purchases that I and so many others make.

We don't ask for much, just some courtesy and some help when needed. I have found that most employee's of Menard's have been rude and unhelpful, so I shop there as little as possible.

Your comments show no consideration for the customer and we seem to be a bother to you that we show up to buy anything.


If this were a factual post and contained accurate criticism it might be taken seriously. When the person posting states he had intended to buy a product that he already had an estimate on (Andersen windows) that Menards doesn't sell you know he is either making up the whole story of has confused Menards with the Home Depot across the street that does sell Andersen windows.

If you have a complaint be factual.

Don't embellish and try to make it sound like you are a better customer than you really are (got caught saying you were intending to buy a product the store doesn't even sell). It's her to take a complaint like this seriously.


Everyone seems to be attacking this man' but, he admits his timing was off. But, why say he isn't educated.

He admitted, he didn't know the store policy. but I think Menard's could have handled this differently.

After all, haven't we all had similar things happen? If he decided to do this project, on his own, why not give him some credit?