Cologne, Minnesota
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I asked for Rooftop delivery of my shingles, and they charged me $83.25 on top of the $49.00 to give me roof top delivery. They delivered the shingles with a truck and forklift that would only lift the shingles to the lowest eave of my garage.

The contractor charged me $100.00 to carry all the shingles to the rooftop. I asked for a refund and they refused to refund the $83.25. I asked if I didnt want rooftop delivery how would they deliver.

they said with the same truck. I paid Menards $83.25 for the driver to push the lever up versus down.

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Curious how many shingles you had delivered. If for a garage (~ 4-5 sq, 12-15 bundles) not such a big deal, but for a whole house (80 bundles) it'd be worth it. I loaded 36 bundles in my truck and that's about as many as I'd want to deal with - I'll have someone help me carry those up a ladder.


The reason you're paying for them to raise them up is for the driver's time. He has to wait for u to take them off instead of dropping & going. The delivery service keeps 100% of these handling fees, not Menards.


says right in the delivery agreement standard charges get it to your driveway. anything past the driveway costs more.


Yeah, the boom truck is pretty *** expensive, you're paying for that. Because your contractor charged you is between you and him.

I know what you're saying, but some people really find that ($83) a value because its such a pain in the butt to get the shingles up there. Carrying them would have been a nightmare.


Did the driver wait or did the pallet of shingles float in the air. It is a lot easier from there then caring them up a ladder from the ground.