Bloomington, Minnesota
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An 82 year old woman is moving to senior housing. She had a carpet installed in a downstairs bedroom of her home to make things look nicer when she sells.

The carpet is flawed. She cannot talk to the manager, rather was told to fill out a complaint form which is sent to another state and they are supposed to get in touch with the carpet mill. What a bunch of ***! Menards should have pulled the carpet and put in a new one and done the customer right.

There is nobody you can talk to in guest services either. This ***. They will not provide any followup to her complaint either. I suggested that she put a stop on the credit card (which she did).

Menards should have made it right from the store and then THEY should have dealt with the flawed carpet.

Instead, nobody talks, nobody replies, nobody is there to help this woman out. Great *** service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Credit Card.

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the fault lies with whoever the *** was that installed the *** carpet. was it a contractor?

a relative? they're the ones to blame in this.