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An 82 year old woman is moving to senior housing. She had a carpet installed in a downstairs bedroom of her home to make things look nicer when she sells.

The carpet is flawed. She cannot talk to the manager, rather was told to fill out a complaint form which is sent to another state and they are supposed to get in touch with the carpet mill. What a bunch of ***! Menards should have pulled the carpet and put in a new one and done the customer right.

There is nobody you can talk to in guest services either. This ***. They will not provide any followup to her complaint either. I suggested that she put a stop on the credit card (which she did).

Menards should have made it right from the store and then THEY should have dealt with the flawed carpet.

Instead, nobody talks, nobody replies, nobody is there to help this woman out. Great *** service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Credit Card.

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Go to a real home improvement store like lowes *** nards


Ah, thats her fault. She should have inspected the "flawed" carpeting before installation.

Menard's does install carpet. Why should they pull it up? It's either the installers fault, or it was flawed dueto production or shipping as stated.

But this in no way is Menard's fault. No pity from over here.


Wow Hittler, maybe you're not a manager because of your spelling and grammar!


Whether the guest was right or not you should have helped the 82 year old woman file out the form or completed it yourself. When you get to 82 your going to wish somebody helped you.

At 82 the mind does work the same as it does at your age. Take care of your elders.


O i forgot to mention about the time we took back $4,500 worth of carpet and gave a guest ALLLLL new carpet for their home because the manufacturer said it was okay after they filled out an INSTALLED COMPLAINT FORM. Just the old lady should be doing... yes it takes some time, but it will get resolved...


Customers are idiots.

Menards takes back the most ridiculous returns to make customers happy...

What about the guy that cut up 3 sheets of $50. oak plywood only to return it all cut up.

His excuse was that the 3/4" plywood measured 11/16" and not 12/16" thick. Are you KIDDING !? The sign clearly states that all plywood is nominal thickness and the manufacturer we get it from is the leader in the US (meaning depot and lowes and other lumber yards do NOT sell a "better" or "thicker" oak plywood. The real reason he retuned it was becuase he cut it wrong.

But I took it back to make his *** happy. Or what about the guy that retuned special order steel because he thought you get all of the trim with the steel for the same price. Are you kidding!? Everybody's situation is different, so how would we know what trim you need specifically unless you tell us.

Of course I asked and tried to sell it to him the first time, but he thought it was too much money and only wanted the main product (steel), not all of the add-ons. The bottom line is Menards must use discretion when returning something, and the lady with the carpet, although it is sad, is unfortunately out of luck. With the amount of carpet Menards sells, it is very unlikely that it was defective. My store has never taken back bad carpet because it was manufactured poorly, only when people cut it wrong or don't know how to install it.

Quit trying to blamer Menards for being ignorant. Sorry old lady, you should have hired someone that knew what they were doing


you all make the dummest comments ever

did you people ever think that it was the contractor who made the flaw in the carpet and was not purchased that way

menards stands behind everything they sell i have even ttaken things back way beyond the alloted time for returns

butif you dont have the product how is anyone supposed to know who is telling the truth

just because someone is older doesnt mean they dont try and get something for nothing

being in retail for 30 years myself ive seen and heard every excuse in the book

the guest is not always right

menards sells and stands behind everuthing they sell


The contractor who installed her carpet is the one ripping her off. Menards doesn't have installers, a decent contractor would have came in like most of them do and tell menards that the carpet is flawed and they will gladly cut a new piece for the contractor to put in for her.

Menards does not sell secondhand or flawed products. They are no different from Home Depot or Lowe's. Sometimes people just don't use common sense.

Also where is the 82 year olds family who should be helping her. I blame her family for not helping her with her project.


How does menards if the carpet was flawed or the installer screwed it up and just blamed it on the carpet and if Menards just gave things away they would be like home depot and closing stores


Yeah, an 82 year old woman oughta be able to pull that carpet right out. And yeah, she should unravel the whole roll before buying.

You people are really ***. Its about standing behind the product you sell.

The *** in #1 evidentally never bought a flawed carpet from them. The right thing to do would be pull the carpet, put in a new one, keep the old person happy.


they sell good *** i have had no problem they stand buy there stuff. And i agree its had to get your money back when you don't have the product you bought with you. USE YOUR HEAD NEXT TIME DUM***


Menards works with subcontractors. No one from the store goes out and actually installs things.

They were correct to give her an installed complaint form because she decided to leave the carpet on the floor instead of bringing it back in where Menards would deal with it directly.

You can't get your money back for something that doesn't physically exist in the store; that's giving away merchandise. The customer is NOT always right.




Menards is a low cost building center. You get what you pay for.

They sell low cost goods because they are seconds or flawed materials. They may get some quality by accdent only. They screw the costomer any way they can. They do not stand by ther products they sell.

They will refer you to the manufactuer of the product. Your on your own when buting from them


Way to bash the elderly guys! We will all be there someday if we're lucky!

Are you to *** to know that? It's never menards fault, ever! Gosh. No customer gets treated better than a other, all badly period!

Ching *** botta bang. Menards thinks they are so bad asss that they can tell anyone anything, and cold shoulder anyone, while staying number one. Well they ain't number one like they say on television, and likely never will be. All you get is service from repulsive asssholes.

I truely hate menards. All that bulls hit they sent to haiti was donations out of employee paychecks. All that money bought *** off of menards shelves, so guess who made out like a bandit? Mother *** kin menards did!

They are so rediculous! Would it surprise anyone if that somehow becomes a tax write-off? He is rediculous. Then all that *** was packed in his big *** "look at me, I'm Menards" trucks to go down the road "advertising", undoubtedly.

They will do anything to look good, but never anything that doesn't come with benefits. But in the end, look at how accomplished he is. Wouldn't that just be great for yourself? To be THAT happy!

To not care about what happens to you when you die because you have just so much money? Nothing else, but money.


"Did you look at the carpet before it was installed? If you did not, why not? That should have been the first thing one should do when they bring it home. This way they have a chance to notice if there was an issue or defect NOT after being installed. It sounds like the "82 year old woman" should live a little longer and learn something"

Your kidding right -- What does a 82 year old woman know about carpeting??

*** I built my own home --and I couldn't tell you whether the carpet I bought was a

good or poor quality. I had a reputable carpet man come in and do it.

I would bet SHE thought she was doing the right thing.

To the others that replied -- Menards sold the product they should stand behind it.

Otherwise I'm going across the street to LOWES


that's right old people smell bad


Did you look at the carpet before it was installed? If you did not, why not?

That should have been the first thing one should do when they bring it home.

This way they have a chance to notice if there was an issue or defect NOT after being installed. It sounds like the "82 year old woman" should live a little longer and learn something.


What does being old have to do with anything? Are guest to be treated diffrent based on age? Menards can't just give money back for every Tom, ***, and Harry that installs something wrong.


Menards did not install the carpet as they don't have installers. You choice is to return the flawed carpet to the store for a refund or exchange.

For those who would rather leave the flawed carpet in place there is a process you need to go through which includes filling out an complaint form that goes to the guest service department. They file a claim with the manufacturer for you.

This does in fact take some time. It's your choice, return the product or keep the product and file the claim.