Cicero, Illinois

On 10/01/11 I brought in measurements for 6 closets to a Salesman at Menards 120 Oak Creek Plz., Mundelein, Il. 60060.

After going through the measurements, the Salesman recommended a set of 12 6-panel Cherry Wood Doors and said that these were the doors that would work and the sizes you will need and he created the order. When I received the doors the installers said that these doors were NOT the correct size and that they would not fit, and these doors could not even be cut to fit the closets since they were not Solid Cherry Wood Doors as they were Advertised in their Menards Sales Flyer!!!

I ended up having to return the doors to the Menards in Mundelein and explained to the Manager that I was told by their salesman that these doors were the ones that I needed based on the measurements that I provided and that they would work, The Manager said it didn't matter that the mistake was made and that I would have to pay a 25% stocking fee of $305.22..Even though I was told by the Menards Salesman that these were the doors that I would Need!!!

The Manager offered no assistance in resolving this issue, so having no choice I ended up returning the doors and did not receive the full payment and ended up paying $305.22 to return the doors.

Then unbelievably the Manager wanted to know if I would like to order custom fit doors after I returned the doors. Having just paid $305.22 to return the doors because of their mistake, and being treated rudely in the process of returning them, Not wanting to lose any more money I understandably declined to order any more doors from them.

As for customer service, you can Forget about it!!! There was absolutely no effort to resolve this issue.

A Customer who was waiting in line having been watching me for 20 minutes arguing with the Manager came up to me and said "Hey, I'm with you, I've been through this with them before and it doesn't do any good!" How pathetic a Company Menards is having to hear this from other Customers waiting in Line...

i only wish I had read these reviews before dealing with Menards.

Needless to say I will absolutely Never Ever Ever shop at Menards again. I will now have no Problem paying a little more at Home Depot or Lowes were I've had much better Customer Service and Better Sales Support. It's just not worth it getting ripped off by deceptive sales practices, just to save a few dollars!!!

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I got the feeling that reporting to the BBB is probably useless, I think they've become pretty much Irrelevant anyway. But, I did want to post our horrible experience with Menards and hope that it may help others. I had only wished that I searched online for Menards Complaints before dealing with them.

As far as your comment ex-employee, I got the sense that the employees just didn't give a ***, almost like they hated being there!

Well It sounds like most people are going to Home Depot now, and I'm in the process of Remodeling our home and will only deal with Home Depot. They just did our Kitchen and it was Fantastic! Home Depot was simply a pleasure to deal with and the employees at Home Depot understand Customer Service!!

I don't even know how Menards can stay in business, but I think they will eventually go out of business as they continue to alienate their customers.

Home Depot 5 Stars

Menards -0 Stars


wont do any good to report to BBB because menards is not affiliated with them. BBB already lists a F grade for menards,..should be F-....I am so glad I dont work for this messed up company that doent care about its employees and pays like ***.


P.S. I did file a Complaint against Menards with the Better Business Bureau, never done this before so it'll be interesting to see if the BBB can do anything.

I also filed a Chargeback with the Credit Card company. I'll post any results...