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I bought 4 doors from Menards but I requested to have 2 of them with only one hole for the door handle instead of the conventional 2 holes in each door. I went to the store in 2 separated occasions. I was told on our first visit that a door with one hole could be ordered for me. I asked if I did not like the color if I could exchange it and I was told that there wouldn't be a problem but the manager would be the one authorizing the exchange.

I bought the over $1000 doors and now that I want to change for a different color 2 of them I am being told that the change is not authorized unless they keep 25% re-stocking fee for the exchange.

The doors were never picked from the store employees at Menards are rude and I will never would buy from them again!


Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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If you're going to try and mock someone at least be accurate. In the state of Wisconsin where Menards is based out of the only people making 8.50 or less a hour are brand new part timers or morning stockers.

And even then they make and extra 2.50 an hour on weekends putting them up to 11 dollars an hour.

Department Managers make 35-55k a year, store managers are at 60-100k a year and full timers are between 20-40k a year. When purchasing a door your in the milwork department and they have the least amount of part timers so you were either dealing with a manager or a full timer both of which making very decent money for a retail store.


I shouldn't even waste my time replying to your comment, however I do not mind sending one more message. About the salaries you are here talking about it is just a dilusion since no store manager in Menards makes those 60-100K, and that is a fact since I know someone who was one of them until recently.

Nevertheless, regardless, employees are being paid whatever are paid because customers buy in these department stores. However, when employees are unable to keep customers from leaving it is then that the sales go down. We had all the drawings prepared to buy the new kitchen cabinets in Menards, ceramic tiles, new range, fridge, dishwasher amongst others. All were supposed to be purchased on this month. The manager knew about this (because I specifically mentioned it to him) and he (John and Tyler) decided to save the $100 stocking fee for Menards instead of saving the customer. I paid to Lowes 7K in the Shenandoah kitchen cabinets we just ordered and 2k in Italian ceramic tiles this week alone. The major kitchen appliances have been ordered today and were another over 3K. I had the pleasure to send the invoices of these purchases to the guest services at Menards to prove it was their lost. It was not about the $100 stocking fee for the 2doors since these doors would be now donated to the Habitat for Humanity, it was about the principles. We customers do not go to buy to any store that not appreciate our business. And we like to see a little bit of the hipocrisy coming from Menards employees and hear them say, as Lowes and Home Depot do, "I am sorry, my appologies, what can we do to make it better" That never happened to us un Menards. We are in the business of buying and selling houses and this was certainly a big lost for Menards!

Finally, Menards's employees have always taken for granted its customers however they may need to take some valuable lessons from other home improvements employees.


Who's being paid to respond to these comments? What's wrong with bringing up the other side of the story when a consumer makes a post like this?

Consumers have the responsibility to make an informed purchase. The 25% restock charge was clearly spelled out on the face of the order placed for these doors. It wasn't in small hard to read print. It's right there below the description of the products being ordered.

It is in print so there is no question that this information was made available. Consumers shouldn't be here complaining because they don't want to hold up their end of the agreement.

@Read your order

It's probably best you didn't order your kitchen at Menards. You would change your plans and want to return cabinets because they didn't fit your new plan.

Of course you wouldn't want to pay a restock charge. Take a look at the Bargain areas in Menards stores where you buy product for a fraction of their regular price. These are returned special orders from people like you. Why do you expect the retail store to take the loss because YOU decided to change your mind.The 25% is only a fraction of the loss they take.

Grow up and take responsibility for your actions.

By the way Gorgi you are correct store managers are not in the 60-100k range. They are 100K plus range.


Its not about if you picked the doors up at Menards....its all about if you special ordered them (as you admitted - they are not the conventional 2 hole type) into the store that they are now stuck with....that is why you got hit with the restock fee.....that is common practice. Dont think they are so much rude as just flat out right on this one and you are acting like a ***.......


It is obvious that you are one of Menards's rude employee and your comment is worthless.


Also, someone who braggs about taking his wife to buy shoes to Payless Shoes is the type of person who can end a comment like yours about "acting like a ***......."