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I bought 4 doors from Menards but I requested to have 2 of them with only one hole for the door handle instead of the conventional 2 holes in each door. I went to the store in 2 separated occasions. I was told on our first visit that a door with one hole could be ordered for me. I asked if I did not like the color if I could exchange it and I was told that there wouldn't be a problem but the manager would be the one authorizing the exchange.

I bought the over $1000 doors and now that I want to change for a different color 2 of them I am being told that the change is not authorized unless they keep 25% re-stocking fee for the exchange.

The doors were never picked from the store employees at Menards are rude and I will never would buy from them again!


Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I do work for Menards and I have not been paid to post. I do however want to say that like a retailers every location is different I am truly sorry you had a bad experience or several at one of our stores, but please don't talk about all of us as though none of us care and calling all of us losers is completely uncalled for, however I hope you all found what you where looking for and the rest of your projects went smoothly maybe one day you will all give us another chance at another location to make a mends.


Why would you order something if you were not sure what color you wanted?


I agree with Commonsense comment. I don't like Menards and in my town nobody goes there unless what they need is not in lowes.


Maybe you could waited to purchase the item until you knew which color you wanted to order. Maybe there was problems with communication either with the customer or the employee causing the order to get messed up. How would you fix the problem?


employees and MANAGERS ARE ALL A BUNCH OF LOSERS AT Menards. I WILL NOT BUY THERE EVER AGAIN. they are rude as everybody stated here.


I know a girl whose dad is a GM. He makes more than 100k.

It is unfortunate that people get so mad at regular employees who do make much less and have no say in what gets returned or not. The GMs and department managers are responsible for those decisions.

Menards employees do not get paid to comment on here. I think most who look are looking because it can be a very negative atmosphere for employees much of the time


To bad Menard do not care about their customers. I will now shop at lowz and Home Dopot will treat me with respect!


It is really funny because after reading so many bad reviews I decided no to purchase my kitchen apliances from Menards. However I noticed that the same guy that is posting as HEARTLESS in each one of the bad comments about Menards and who made obvious he works for them, now is posting like he is going to buy in Lowes or HomeDepot.

What a BS! Also there is one anonymous guy is also working for menards. There is another person also posting as Anonymous but is different one than the Menards employee.

Hard to believe Menards pay employees to post comments instead of getting better customer service! :sigh


To bad, I also was going to buy some doors at menards. Seems like there is a common thread among menards stores and supporters, poor service and rude people.

I talked to my carpenter and he told me Mastercraft was a very inferior door anyway.

After review of several different comments about the poor service at menards, I don't need any more headaches so I have decided to buy from their competitors and I know Lowes and Home Dopot will treat me with respect, no question! Good Bye Menards


ANY special order item is subject to a 25% restock fee.....CLEARLY stated on the paperwork you received. At our store, the department even highlight the key areas, just for cases such as this.

You HONESTLY take NO responsibility for your mistake, and believe that Menards should take the hit for this???? Get informed, and get real!!!


I just read these posts when I was coming to check the reviews of Menards for kitchen cabinets. I am new in town and we do not have Menards in Germany.

OMG thanks so much to the person who posted the complaint here. What a bunch of losers are these Menards employees!

They are responding to messages and being rude. I am not interested in doing business with these stores.


Heartless is posting as anonymous now! Do not reply!


Heartless and his store cronies are worthless. DON"T respond to them as they aren't worth it.

They are just UnAmerican store employees who don't want to REALLY work at their jobs, so they hope you will go elsewhere.

DO IT!!! Just go elsewhere because these cowards aren't worth the time.


Totally agree withnyou. LTCC is also one of them !


You reject every reasonable explanation... google restocking fees and be educated.

You sticking up for the ignorant on here only makes you ignorant. Un-American? Define an American? Here's the definition other countries will give you; "A fat person who thinks he is the best and is entitled to more.

This person will stomp their feet and cry until they get what they want because they are entitled to it." AMERICA IS THE WORLDS BIGGEST BULLY, other countries hate us because of people like yourself. Look in the mirror are you a fat@ss who thinks he should get whatever he wants....

Oh I'm right... Seriously get over yourself and stop calling people cowards.


You are REALLY good at one thing, Heartless, and one thing ONLY. And that is PROVING MY POINT! Thank you :grin


Restocking fees are normal on special order items for ALL MAJOR RETAILERS. Did you pay shipping?

For packaging? No you did not!!! This is why a restocking fee is required; IT PAYS FOR EVERYTHING YOU DID NOT PREVIOUSLY PAY FOR. Now if you want to start paying for shipping to the store on all your ITEMS then major retailers can switch to that, HOWEVER, I HAVE A FUNNY FEELING YOU LIKE FREE SHIPPING TO THE STORE.

Menards doesn't do stuff for free just so you can return or exchange an ITEM.... So what is it shipping charges or restocking fees I'll leave it up to you.


Wow! When I posted my comment I was totally unaware Menards employees were paid to respond to these reviews!


You weren't ripped off. You didn't take time to look at the order you placed.

It clearly states there would be a 25% restock charge if the doors were returned. They put it in right on the order form for your doors, no signs to read, nothing hidden.

When you paid for the doors you had to sign that you understood the terms of the order. You only have yourself to blame.

@Read your order

I realize that in order for you to keep your $8.50xhr job at Menards you need to respond to these comments.