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Menards is such a rip off and a scam. I wonder how much money you have made from customers who haven't sent in the rebate because the sales slip was lost or rebate forgotten about.

I have gone to your store thinking that I am saving money by purchasing a product on sale only to find out it says in very small print "after rebate" which means "after rip off".

I would rather shop at Home Depot where the advertised sale price is the price you actually pay no hassles about sending in and waiting for a one dollar rebate check in the mail. So go ahead and keep it up but I along with a lot of other people I know are taking our business to Home Depot.

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I sent in the "Original Receipt" as instructed and never received my rebate check!


You can shop at Home Desperate all you want.. a educated person finds out what is what, ahead of time...




No 11% rebate at Menards today even though the ad makes this claim.


EH - You have to always be diligent with this stuff. I have shopped at both and the same product in Menards is usually a lot higher priced at Home Depot.

Plus the "salespeople" at Home Depot have very little knowledge about the product they are supposed to be selling. Not a fan


i dont think the after rebate print is misleading. you just have to read it and it seems pretty straightforward.

you can buy a lot of things there, send in the rebate and receive the rebate card in the mail which you can then use to buy more things without cash. i think it works pretty well.

you just have to mail in the receipt and the rebate card. do it when you get home, dont put it off.


Unless of course you don't receive it.I failed to receive a 16.00 rebate.There is little recourse, rebates intl.their agent , won't help you.They told me to call the police what a joke!


Ok if you want to get receipt you lost and paid with card you can get copy off their machine in store. Also Menards will let you bring in the same receipt for day or week before 11% sale item and make it like you returned item and do a new receipt with the rebate slip to be mailed in to get your savings.

As far as home Depot their 10% military discount is for only up to 200.00 savings. Ordering big pole barn from Menards for the 11%.


The copy of the receipt won't be accepted for the rebate. They require the original rebate receipt.


11% minus your postage so it isnt a full 11% false. why cant they do online rebate submission like costco.

because they are making money advertising 11% when most won't even mail it in half the time for a 1.07 or whatever low amounts a barn maybe worth it but still. and i have never had a 200 dollar limit at home depot


Yes they do mislead...or an employee misspoke....bought 800 dollars worth of shower doors (2) on sale day before.Knowing rebate next day.Asked employee if rebate would still apply.Employee said yes no problem...just fill out form and mail it in...I did and reply from center was can not honor because units were bought on sale.I knew this if course....but lesson is...the floor workers don't know Jack and will tell you anything to make a sale.

@Already knowing customer

You don't get both. You bought the items on sale and if the sale price was better than the price after rebate you got a good deal. If the rebate had been better you would have receive the difference between the sale price and the rebate.


so you are pissed at Menards because YOU lost the receipt?


I find Menards prices to be lower or the same as any of the other places. And I don't see how it's a "rip off" that you lost your receipt.

That's on you buddy.

This stuff isn't hard. Don't blame them because you have the organizational skills of a dazed squirrel.


So...you blame Menards because YOU lost the receipt...or because You were too lazy to fill it out? Get real.


Menards doesn’t stand behind the rebate scam. Please go to Home Depot or Lowe’s.I made a large purchase in December 2017.

Still have not received rebate. I’ve emailed this REBATE INTERNATIONAL, more than once’s regarding this with no answers.Please if you shop there DON’T fall for the rebate scam.


If you put your email in, you can look up the status on their website.


I was in the same boat. Large rebate due, but no response from Menards.

BUT contacted Rebate International and they were wonderful. The rebated had been issued but never cashed. So they cancelled that one and reissued a replacement.

I got it quickly and was able to proceed. All in all I'd say they do a great job.


Don’t be a dumb *** and mail your rebate in. Been doing it for years. Have gotten thousands of dollars back to spend at menards again


Crybaby, they have legit rebates. I've spent 1000s there and sent in the rebates and they are good