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With all the lawsuits going on with them, not going to be around for long.

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Menards has a lawsuit for $100 million dollars look it up. Plus Menards isn't that big of a company.


Big Deal. You can sue for any amount you want. That doesn't mean that anything near that amount will be awarded.


What an excellent post/argument!!! Very supportive and specific!!!!

/sarcasm off.

There are no lawsuits against Menards that I'm aware of. Menards is not going anywhere. The richest man in Wisconsin owns Menards. The 209th ranked Menards store out of 285 or so pulls in $500,000+ a week, just imagine what the top 100 stores are doing.

Menards is THRIVING! Many people consider them the Walmart of the home improvement sector.


What lawsuits is this guy talking about? Seems like a person with a real complaint or facts would post more than a meaningless one line statement.

Any company the size of Menards will have any number of people suing them at any time.

Any fool can hire a greedy lawyer to sue anybody. Doesn't mean their case has any chance of winning in court.


A customer being killed in an aisle open to the public in a michigan menards store by a overloaded and unbalanced pallet of floor tiles stored overhead and falling on top of him may be a good example of a lawsuit situation.........

@Menards rookie

One lawsuit won't put a company this size out of business. Have you ever looked at how many people have been hurt or killed at Home Depot.

Accidents are going to happen and the more stores you have the greater you chance of having a few. That's why companies carry liability insurance.

@Menards rookie

The case has already been settled. The widow will get a $10.00 menards merchandise store credit check arriving in the mail in 6 to 8 weeks via our international rebates division. Case closed!!