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I think people need to quit complaing about everything. Get over yourself and your expectaions!!!

Instead of writing a complaint how about wright about your 50 other great experiences... Im sick of all the negitivity..

Thank you menards for a great store!!!

Reason of review: Good quality.

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John Menard - is this you?


What ever happened to "the customer is always right." ?

Out the window. There are things to complain about .If you don't like it do't read them.


Menards is an ok store, but imperfect, like us all. To suggest we just take their mistakes and not bother to call them out, suggests an immature view point of the world.

Perhaps stated by someone who does not meet this sites minimum age requirements.

My complaint is simple I was charged a fee that yielded me no benefit, I was charged a fee when several Menards sales people assured me I would not. While only $150.00 on an $1,500.00 order

Bothersome none the less, My point is don't count on what the sales people tell you, it is not always reliable.