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I have had very similar experiences at Menard's in Rockford, IL, Machesney Park, IL, and also the Menard's in Beloit, WI. I was constantly being ignored and made to wait until men that asked for help after I did were waited on first.

I always asked for help loading explaining that my husband was terminally I'll and was not supposed to be lifting & still the staff stood around and waited until we got lumber and everything loaded.

At the time I owned a real estate investment company and was averaging spending $11,000 a month in Menard's until I finally got so fed up the last time when 3 associates were standing talking and ignoring me, I told them " if you would stop standing around talking with your thumbs stuck up your *** maybe customers could get some help." Shocked they walked away and I have not shopped at Machesney Park, IL Menard's since. Now I shop at Lowes or Home Depot.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It's interesting how employee behavior differs from store to store. Our local Menards has excellent staffing.

The last time we were in the lumberyard a few weeks ago, no fewer than three individuals came over separately while we were loading to offer assistance. By contrast, I've had to track down employees in Home Depot and Lowes when I've had to ask questions (often the answer is "we don't carry that", so we always end up back at Menards).


Are you the customer everyone hates to see come in the door? Could it be that when you came in you took a lot of time making your purchases and expected them to load you carts and then your vehicle where the other people getting helped were ready with their orders and were willing to at least help load their products, if not load them on their own?

If you were buying that much you should have had it delivered. If you needed so much help in the store, how did you get it out of your vehicle when you got to the job site?