Cold Spring, Minnesota
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Ive got the same problem. I got a 5 inch proformax vise for christmas.

Just went to use it the other day for the first time and it broke just triing to open the jaws. Now menards wont even give me in store credit. Thougth tool shop was garbage this performax takes the cake.

They have discontinued the vise so they wont exchange either. And they tell you to go screw yourself if you dont have a receipt.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Why are you blaming Menards? Products have a warranty and your receipt proves how long you have owned the product.

The person that gave it as a gift should have included a gift receipt and you wouldn't have had a problem. Without a receipt stores have no way of telling how old the product is or how much it was sold for. They aren't going to give you full price if it was sold on clearance or a bargain price as a display.

Without a receipt it could have been something someone tossed out when they broke it. It's not the stores fault you didn't have a receipt to verify the purchase details.