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Good Morning,

I just had the unpleasant experience of visiting your Morton Grove IL store location. I was purchasing an air conditioning unit which was CLEARLY marked at the price of $229.00. After speaking to several rude and condescending employees, I spoke with Shawn who was actually very polite and well mannered however my complaint was still not addressed. It is not a customers' responsibility to ensure that items are marked correctly, that is your stores' responsibility. My husband and I were given the impression that your staff thought we switched prices on the unit. I asked for the cameras to be checked and was given no response to that. I am a teacher in a title 1 inner city school and I am purchasing the unit to help keep my students safe and cool with the upcoming 90 degree weather. As a result of this unprofessionalism, your store lost a sale and a customer. We have spent thousands of dollars at Mendards and would have spent more since we invest in properties and frequently update homes. I have attached the picture of the clearly marked item below. I have filed a complaint with the better business bureau and will be contacting Menard's home office and regional manager.


Lindsay Fallico

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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Smartphone have barcode readers. Could have scanned label to see if bar code matched product.


Whether someone switched a tag or an employee (keep in mind their employees are human beings and are not perfect) made a mistake and put the tag in the wrong spot a store has right to charge the correct price for an item. It's just amazing that you never see anyone posting that they got to the register and the price rung up $50.00 less than was on the sign and they tried to talk the cashier into charging them the extra $50.00.

It's unfortunate that the morals of our country are slipping so much.

A person with high morals would understand when a mistake had been made and would accept the times when a mistake wasn't in their favor and would be honest enough to speak up when the mistake affected the other party as well. I guess when our educators can't be expected to be roll models we can't expect future generations to improve either.


Are you out purchasing items for school children with your own money? Educators spend hundreds of dollars every year supplying their classrooms, a price difference for a high ticket item makes a big difference. This teacher is a "ROLE" not "roll" model, perhaps you should learn to spell before passing judgement.


It is not surprising to find customers switching price tags and, although it may have not been you that did the switching, someone else may have. Even with that, it is possible for someone to enter the store at one time, switch tags, only to return later to request the purchase at the now incorrectly tagged price.

The red sale tag seems to provide information as to what the item is being sold for. It would be helpful if you were to be able to clearly show if that information was correct with the model directly above the unit.