Maywood, Illinois

On April 8th 2012 ,Saturday I purchase from the Hillside, Il. store # 3513 a Basic grill cover , size large for $13.88 cash transaction.

This grill cover turned out to be too large. I called the Hillside, Il. store to inquire if they carried a medium cover since this one was too big. They informed me that they did not .

I called the Glendale Hts. Il. store # 3175 and was informed that they had the size I needed 53 " in another type of grill cover which cost approx. five dollars more.

I asked the gentleman who answered the phone if I could exchange my grill cover for the one that was smaller, without a receipt and pay the difference in price. I was informed that this would be possible since I was exchanging the cover for another product at their store. Today April 9th 2012 when I went to Glendale Hts. Il.

store to exchange the grill cover I purchased for the proper sized cover, I was told that I would not get a refund of my purchase price. I was informed that I would only get a credit of what the grill cover would sell for if it were on sale. If you look up in the Hillside, Il. computer system you will find a cash transaction for the purchase of the grill cover number 259-7006 that I purchased.

I am really surprised that Menards does not give you a full refunded price when you don't have a receipt, especially when exchanging one item for another at a larger price. Menards will not be a store of first choice or even second.

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Why do some stores make such a fuss over "No Receipt Returns"!? As long as a customer returns the item in the original package and the item is in perfect/unused condition...

the store gets their item back to resell and the customer gets a in-store-credit to buy something else IN THE SAME STORE. Plus lets not forget, nearly ALL stores heavily discount their customer's no-receipt-returns to reflect recent sales, discounts, rebates and/or restocking fees! Stores are not losing out.

If a store is losing out... they clearly need to re-structure their re-stock fees and not crab or make things more difficult for customers who have lost their receipts!


After returning a paint sprayer and hose that I purchased with cash the held me at the store for an unreasonable amount of time i decided to end the attempt and keep the item , when I asked for it back they said that the return process had begun and that I could not have the item back. So they gave me a receipt for the return and a number to call well that led no where other than them saying that they could locate a cash purchase for the item and that's that so the just took my paid for item and confiscated it. I will never enter a menards ever again but will say that I work hard for my money and to sit by and let a bunch of *** *** think they can do that well enjoy that is all I can say and when I run into that person who Followed policy as the hide behind I'll have a few things to discuss with them

@See things from a street persp

When you bring in an expensive item without a receipt and claim you paid cash for it you will usually be asked some questions including when you bought it and which store you bought it at. If they don't show sales for the item and they find their inventory is short it's pretty easy to assume it went out the door without being paid for. In the future keep your receipt to prove you paid for it if you really did.


Policy states, you the guest will be given the lowest selling price in the past 90 days. This includes sales, coupons, discounts, when you argue with the cashier because an item was miss-placed.

The reason you get the lowest sale price is because of theft and that we don't know how much you spent on said item. I recommend that you charge .10 cents on a card every shopping experience. Let the cashier know first. If they say they cant tell them to press the Number 3 on the payment type screen if you are using VISA/MC or 4 for Discover then after the card processes type in .10 hit enter.

then they press 1 for the cash option and enter the amount you give them. Menards credit processing company only charges a percentage of the sale not a swipe fee as well. A common thing we get is people who go in the store bring up an item they never bought and try to return it. We will only accuse you if we have proof you are up to no good.

As far as a manager looking up a cash transaction on system V. Its extremely hard and quite imposable since it will list thousands of transactions. They have no option to limit down the transactions, which are not in order and go back 10 years. The Receipt Kiosk has cost Menards lots of money in programing and the computer systems involved.

Its there for you to use, cash is untraceable. One option menards is thinking about doing is offering a membership type of card that will log all transactions and the rebates will go straight to but most consumers who were beta testers did not like it.


They can locate your receipt IF you used a credit card or a check, and it goes back 30 months!!!If you use cash and lose your receipt, you are SOL!! Be responsible and hold on to your receipts if you insist on using cash for purchases!!!


You asked if you could "exchange" it and you COULD; they never lied to you! You obviously have Internet access to read the policy, be mad at yourself!


Yes, they can look up transactions but since it was a CASH transaction, it could be ANYONE's transaction. Someone else could've bought the same thing/amount of items so that makes cash transactions almost impossible to look up. And you get the lowest sale price without a receipt because that's how people steal, doing no-receipt returns for credit of some kind.


Sure, they could find probably ten different cash transactions of that number... on any given day.

They don't know it was you who payed for it.

I'm sure Menards and plenty of other places have issues with people buying things at a sale price and returning or exchanging them for more. Really though, you can't blame Menards because you lost your receipt.