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I had bought $86.04 worth, I had a $25.00 gift card I had received at Christmas, so I used this gift card and paid the other $61.04 in cash. I returned a item worth $23.84 not being able to use it. The cashier gave me back a store credit of the $23.84. I told her that I didn't think that that was right since I paid with cash. Her and the General Manager ans. was that, that was store policy. I still don't think that this is the right way to do business and in so many words told the store manager (Galan Heckman). I was told that the computer said that was the way of doing it and that was it. I was upset and your Manager was a real *** (pardon my french) about the whole thing. I will not return to any Menards Store and you can bet, that, I will be telling all my friend about the way I was treated at Menards.

Dale Williams

410 N. Thompson St.

Carrier Mills, Illinois

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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Our company does a lot of business and it is true, they do give you an in-store credit in a case like this - why, don't know. Big deal - just buy something else I need.

My pet peeve today is I bought Menards gift cards for employees, and more than one of them did not work. I am told the scanner gun probably did not scan the cards right and this has never happened before. Each card number was one digit off from a number on my receipt. Imagine your employee making a special trip to Menards and then getting to check out and their gift card does not work.

Who is the *** - Menards or the employer they got it from??

When I called all the other employees to see if their cards worked, ALL of them knew of the employees whose cards did not work, so it had been talked about before I found out. VERY embarrassing and needless to say, I won't be buying any there next year!!!


In defense of Menards to the above post, with my receipt e-mailed to them and the numbers off the two gift cards that did not work, they are sending two new ones in the mail. Customer Service very friendly and they took care of in less than two hours, so I am impressed. Does not make up for the embarrassment and hassle, though!


Menards sells so many things I'm sure you can buy for 20 some *** toilet paper.....paper towels.....frozen pizzas......milk......all well priced below the competiton.


I went to Appleton store last year and bought items. Wrote check for $120.

Got home and found I got the wrong spray texture. Drove back and they would only give instore credit. I had no problem with that, needed right spray. I got a few more items and went through check out paying cash and credit slip.

After project was finished I had extra items, waited 2 weeks because of the check and my wife returned items. Clerk looked at stapled reciepts and said this was paid by gift card and the $11 worth of extra items could only be refunded by in store credit. I went back the next day and showed the clerk the mistake they made by misunderstanding there own paperwork. They finally gave me cash.

Store credit policy sux. J.

Menard worth 8 billion and worries about people ripping him off. Part of that 8 billion came from me and lots of other ripped off former Menards customers.




I work at the service desk and all you people do is complain. It wouldn't have mattered how your return was refunded you would find something else to complain about.


I work the service desk at should have been given the cash back on any amount up to 61.04....and anything over that store credit......that is what I would have and have done for years.....legit complaint in my book


If that was true then Gaylen would have given you cash back. Get your story straight before you tell all of your redneck friends.


I'm not sure the specific policy regarding this type of return, but if it were anything other than any return of any merchandise on this transaction, with or without a receipt, being in the form of a merchandise credit check, I would be surprised. You in effect purchased 25/86 of each item with a gift card.

There is no way to differentiate where the gift card ends and the cash begins.

MenardsGuy's reply sounds reasonable, but the MCC and Gift Card are a valuable tool for thieves trying to launder their theivery, and it would be a whole lot easier to prevent that type of fraud by simply doing any return with credit on it solely as credit. Yeah, that puts Dale Williams out, but tell people to stop trying to rob us, and maybe we can do things different.


really MenardsGuy? i was always under the impression they could get refunded in cash up to the amount they actually spent on the purchase (in cash). maybe i'm wrong, i'm not sure.


I worked at Menards for 2 years and this is store policy. If you have a receipt, everything will go smoothly - if not, you'll be getting a store credit.

If you did have your receipt, they still did the right thing by refunding you the $23.84 with a store credit, since it was under the $25 you had from the gift card.

If you don't go back to Menards, you are the only one who will be loosing here. They already have the $23.84 in their pockets - if you choose not to spend that credit check, it stays with the company and benefits you in no way and you're still out the money.


you will only be given a cash refund with a receipt. since you paid with a giftcard and asked for less than what the giftcard was worth you got what you deserved.

quit your whining and go tell all your 'friend' about how policies in place keep others from swindling the store. i'm worth 8 billion ***


I had something simlar happened to me once and they give me a certificate for the gifrtcard and the rest in cash cause i had the recepit.

Take your receipt back to the store buddy and dont compalin so much


you have it backwards fella. the first $25 of your return should have been a credit check, anything after that should have been given in cash.

since the return was under the $25 all you should have gotten was a store credit check.

this is to keep money from gift cards in our stores. Otherwise i could get a gift card and if i don't want it at menards use it and cash to buy something, then turn around and return something equal to the amount of the gift card and get cash back to go spend somewhere else


if that's all true, they shouldn't have done that. they could have refunded you up to the $61 cash you spent on the items.

anything thereafter would be in store credit. seems like you have a legitimate claim.