Mount Laurel, New Jersey

I do not have the ability to photo my receipt. Here is info at bottom of receipt: 43806, 11/29/15, 2:27p.m., #3059.

I bought Lightkeeper Pro, Item #2841826 for $19.97 on said date. It did not work for me. After the holidays and a few family emergencies, I found my receipt and took in product. They gave me credit for $9.98 + tax to return to my credit card.

I protest and will continue to protest that when I used my credit card, I promised to pay you the entire amount for said product. I would appreciate the full amount back that I paid you originally. Who in the corporate office do I speak to to resolve this problem that has been created. It was brought to my attention that at the bottom of said receipt, after the holidays the registered clearance amount.

I paid in full on credit card and I expect nothing more.

I can send in receipt if necessary.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Good points both, Nasty and Anony. But go one step further - where in or around New Jersey, does Menards have a store to process the "return" mentioned?

Last I knew the closest Menards would be in eastern Ohio. *** of a road trip to return a seasonal item, eh???


You can't go by the city listed on the post. This forum assigns a city to each post and unless the poster changes it, that is what shows up. I live in a Midwest city where Menards has stores but unless I change it I often appears to be posting from New Jersy as well.


Anonymous is spot on, however I have much more to add. THIS IS NOT A MENARDS OWNED WEBSITE, IT'S A PUBLIC FORUM!

You are only being credited what the lowest final price of the item was, you're not entitled to more.

Matter of fact you're lucky you got anything at all. Most places of business for seasonal items all purchase are final with no returns!


I'll start with the statement that a retail store is under no obligation to take anything back. Returns are a privilege and stores post their return policies for you to to see.

At Menards their policies are posted at the returns counter by the entrance door and printed on the back of your receipt. If you would bother looking at them you will find that you will only be refunded the clearance price on seasonal items (like Christmas decorations and accessories) once the clearance has started.

What do you expect a store to do with these items after the season is over? A store shouldn't take a loss because you couldn't determine the item didn't fit your needs before the season was over.