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For those of you that buy gas powered equipment at "Menards" be aware of their no return or exchange policy.

I purchased a gas powered electric generator and took it home.Read the manuel "filled" as the fluids as directed by the owners manuel and started the engine. Hook up a 60 watt light and nothing...tried another electrical device and nothing.I tested the circiut with a meter and tested out at 1-5 volts. This is a 800 watt, 120 volt, 60hz generator. So I took it back to Menards on the same day I purchased it. Informed them that the generator wasn't putting out any voltage.

The clerk asked me if I put gas in the generator. Of course, I replied yes, how else was I going to know if the darn thing worked or not?

She then call the store manager and he stated that because I had put gas in the gas operated generator. That there policy was not to exchange it or even handle it.

I thought he was kinding, I asked him how was I suppose to know if the generator worked or not if I didn't start it? What use ESP or something? He didn't care, it company policy. "So much for customer care and service!"

Gets one wondering about what kind of an *** came up with that policy!

So beware of the Menard's and there higher educational return policies.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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actually, if you purchase the additional warranty on the items and bring them back into the store you get them for free so you shouldn't be complaining about that. and I don't think you can really compare a 15,000 dollar car to a 400 dollar generator. and yes, all of our generators have manufacturers warranties as well, so get your lazy *** to a phone and call them first because they are the ones that MANUFACTURED the item, not Menards, we just sell the items


Should have got some insurance on the purchase. Menards has that, ya know. Big items can be costly mistakes if you do not back up your purchase.


If you bought a new car from the dealer and the car wouldnt start when you tried to leave their parking lot and drive it for the very first time only to hear the salesman say "sorry you signed the contract and own it but we can have our service department look at it tomorow" how would you feel???

Menards is just trying to blow off customer service issues to someone else. Just like how when someone has an issue with any item at menards they can not physicly bring back to the store your only option is to fill out a form and hope someone will follow though. do a google seach of "milwaukee magazine menards" for a really intresting article

have a nice day


Have you ever purchased an automobile? The warranty on an automobile is to repair the automobile not take it back if it doesn't work.

The same goes for products with gas powered engines.

They have a warranty that covers their repair, not replacement. I bet you don't *** like this when your dealer doesn't give you a refund on your auto.


I would contact the manufacturer. I'm sure it's warranteed.