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For those of you that buy gas powered equipment at "Menards" be aware of their no return or exchange policy.

I purchased a gas powered electric generator and took it home.Read the manuel "filled" as the fluids as directed by the owners manuel and started the engine. Hook up a 60 watt light and nothing...tried another electrical device and nothing.I tested the circiut with a meter and tested out at 1-5 volts. This is a 800 watt, 120 volt, 60hz generator. So I took it back to Menards on the same day I purchased it. Informed them that the generator wasn't putting out any voltage.

The clerk asked me if I put gas in the generator. Of course, I replied yes, how else was I going to know if the darn thing worked or not?

She then call the store manager and he stated that because I had put gas in the gas operated generator. That there policy was not to exchange it or even handle it.

I thought he was kinding, I asked him how was I suppose to know if the generator worked or not if I didn't start it? What use ESP or something? He didn't care, it company policy. "So much for customer care and service!"

Gets one wondering about what kind of an *** came up with that policy!

So beware of the Menard's and there higher educational return policies.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I wish I would have read this before i purchased a lawn mower from them with an warranty...I'm pissed too, money down the drain because of their dumb@$$ policy. They should explain this before you make a big purchase like this or any purchase that requires gasoline.


Just would like to point out a story that just happened to me at another place that i bought tires from over nine years ago . This story is about real & true customer service .

Like i said i paid for the tires around 9 yrs ago and when just not long ago i had two tires go bad on me and could not be repaired . The store looked at how many miles i put on them not the time i had them and told me i could get not just 1 but 2 tires for FREE !!! . All I had to buy was the tire warranty & mount & balance .

The tires would have cost me about $ 160.00 + tax & stuff . I only paid a full total amount of $ 30.00 and some change .

Not once did i hear of any kind of police or no talk about how i treated them . Just good real down to earth customer service that's it .


The fact is this is just a really bad police . If Menards is not going to stand behind their products they sell and support their customers .

Then maybe they should close the doors for good and soon watch all customer loyalty go out the door for ever one at a time with a few friends not far behind them . We the customer did not build the items either !!!! ( Written by menards cashier on April 13, 2010 from lincoln, nebraska, US

actually, if you purchase the additional warranty on the items and bring them back into the store you get them for free so you shouldn't be complaining about that.

and I don't think you can really compare a 15,000 dollar car to a 400 dollar generator. and yes, all of our generators have manufacturers warranties as well, so get your lazy *** to a phone and call them first because they are the ones that MANUFACTURED the item, not Menards, we just sell the items )


For the Employee " Yeah, I Work There " What part of " NEW " don't you understand ? When you buy a new product and check and read the instruction book and fallow all steps required .

We expect the item to work as a new product should and not have to tote it around to a service center for repairs , Because then it is no longer ' NEW " anymore .

It just went from a " NEW " product to a re-manufactured product . And if that's the case It should be returned to the store then resold as a re-manufactured item .


Here is my police for Menards and any other store who has an anti costumer is always right police . My police is to reject your polices and substitute my own police .

Most of us need not to read the handy dandy instruction book for the main reason if you are buying a new gas powered product to upgrade or just to replace that old thing in the garage that work for many years in your care . We should know at the time of the new purchase that it needs oil or gas and to act as if we are a bunch of cheap one time users .

to buy and use it once then return it , I would point out how prices go up & up and thing get made with more & more plastic parts . So who's cheap now ?


Update : After we bought and was told we had to get the Yard Man fixed by an authorized repair shop . ' Because we had used the mower " .

And after sitting at the house for a day thinking of how and the only way that Menard's would except a return was only if it was not used and in its original Package . I thought 1st this is *** how stores can make policies and we the buyer have no common policies that work in our favor to help us in most issues . So I did think long and hard an the thought --->" Loop Hole "" Loop Hole "ind . Just like Uncle Sam teaches us in Big government all the time .

I used there own police right back on them . Just as they say " word for word " . If not used and in the original box you can receive a refund .

So it was cleaned up like new again and placed back into the same box and re-taped with same kind of tape and returned for a full refund . So now I feel we the people should make a police for us to use some kind of a consumer union or consumer protection police plan with fare guide lines that works for us when needed


Update : After we bought and was told we had to get the Yard Man fixed by an authorized repair shop . ' Because we had used the mower " .

And after sitting at the house for a day thinking of how and the only way that Menard's would except a return was only if it was not used and in its original Package .

I thought 1st this is *** how stores can make policies and we the buyer have no common policies that work in our favor to help us in most issues . So I did think long and hard an the thought --->" Loop Hole "that works for us when needed


Some stores like to force their police on the consumer like we had signed a contract with them . I feel before we buy a new product we should 1st be made full aware of the stores police for the very product we are buying at that time .

Then if we agree at that time to the police for that item before purchase is made / completed, We at that time can sign the agreed police and after that make our purchase, If we feel like it is unfair at least we will have a choice before we spend and risks losing the amount of money in the beginning of all sales under polices that do not adhere to the regular return polices . If they fail to inform you at the time of sale and you did not sign any agreed police . Then the sale will be under the normal return police of 30 - 90 days or witch ever the time frame along with original receipt are under at the time of purchase .

If a police was changed after the purchase was made you would not be under that new police the old police would be locked in for the date of your original purchase date . As all original signed agreed polices before new police changes for all signed polices are made after original sales date for any product in an agreed police form .


Shop Home Depot!!!!!!


Get a load of this response by simonHEDGE, 13-year MENARDS employee regarding my similar experience:

Did you put oil in it? Did you read the manual? Do you speak english? Wait, wait... did you put gas in it? What was wrong with it anyway?? My guess is it wouldn't start. That is because YOU screwed something up. All gas equipment is tested by vendors before it is sent out. That is why the "it didn't start" line actually transltes to "i'm an ***, please forgive me and give me another one to *** up." 99% of the time equipment malfunctions are due to idiots like you that have no idea what they are doing. Maybe you should stick to the barbie dolls next time and leave the gas powered equipment for your boyfriend ...



No, no, no. If what you're saying is true then everything I believe is false.


Having worked at menards for over 10 years in the power equipment department I can tell you that it is the manufacturers policy. There are a lot of people out there that buy something and do not read the directions first and screw up the product and that is why alot of manufacturers are changing their policies on this matter.

I'm not sure where your stores are located but my store has three 7X11 signs on the mower flat (as all stores should per policy) stating that wheeled gas products can not be returned to the store after gas has been put into the unit.

I am not a big fan of this policy it has affected some of my gas tools that I have purchased. Yes there are Extended Protection Plans available but only go into effect AFTER the original manufacturers warranty ends.


I had a similar experience with a mower that I purchased form Menards.

Sure, they can create any policy they want to.

What bothers me though is how sneaky they are.

They post the policy in fine print on the receipt, rather than on a bold sign in the mower section.

And don't give me that "It's the manufacturers that make the rules, not Menards" garbage. The manager used that one on me as well. So, why does Menards deal with manufacturers that have such policies? Menards is ultimately responible to their customers so stop trying to point the finger at the Manufacturer.

I certainly would not buy any large items from Menards any more. Why would I when their competitors such as Home Depot allow returns without such nonsense.


One of the main reasons that Menard's changed their policy on gas powered equipment is because too many people were buying something just to use it once and then return it. You can blame all the cheap ***, dishonest citizens of America for *** it up for you. Yeah the policy sucks but who ever said life was fair.


For everyone upset about the policy being at the bottom of the receipt.. You can return in prior to putting gas/oil in the item!

If you do not want to risk it, you can return it right away. Or, yes, go to the service center.


For all the people defending the policy, why is Menards the only store with a policy like this?

And why don't they actually post it near the items being sold or draw your attention to it in any way shape or form?


actually its the manufacturer that does not allow us to return the product they want it to be looked at and they will fix or replace it if there is manufacturer defect on it. We have bent the rules a couple of times for people only to find that 99.9% of the time its there fault the product never worked.


I purchased a gas powered cultivator....same problem. Would not work properly, took it back next day...."Sorry can't help you!"

The policy is understandable, but it should be posted where it is clearly visible before you purchase the item. It is almost fraudulent the way it shows up at the very end of the register receipt "after" purchase is already made. I never buy extended warranties as they are ripoffs.

I will say they were not rude and did not get upset when I raised my voice. The manager's attitude was just "tough luck man, hope you can get the thing fixed under warranty".



Don't you get a kick out of their "loser employees"? Who elso would hire them?


I like how you forgot to mention the part where the store manager informed you of the location of the service center responsible for handling all these gas-op machinery manufacturers defects. Every Menards store has a service center that will inspect your gas op equipment.

If theres a legitimate manufacturers defect with the product, they will get the repairs taken care of for you. If it's something you goofed up, you'll have to pay for the repairs. Its a remarkably fair system. The simple truth of the matter is that most of the gas-op that comes back to the stores has been rendered inoperative by incompetence.

I didnt stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, so I cant tell you whats wrong with your generator, but I can tell you that the service center will probably be able to figure it out. Im sure that a service center technician probably has a better grasp of the inner workings of the internal combustion engine than the clerk working the returns counter at the local Menards.

Im surprised that you didn't get mad about her inability to recite the periodic table or tune your piano or perform differential equations for you. Your misguided annoyance with the person who probably had the least to do with your connundrum amuses me, so for that I shall call you a goob and chuckle heartily.