Indianapolis, Indiana

I purchased a dehumidifier back in May. It had a one year warranty, it quit working in sept so I returned it for another one.

Not only did they have none in stock but they had no idea when they would be getting any. Ok, no problem, I paid cash so I asked for a refund and was told I had to get an in store credit. Really? The returns lady was rude and interrupted me in midsentence.

I gave her an earful and asked for the manager. Finally after going through a bunch of time delaying *** I was able to get my $$ back. I promptly went to a nearby competitors and bought another one. I will never ever step foot in Menards again, I have spent thousands of $$ over the years and not one more penny will they get from me.

Their rebate program is a joke, they claim 4-6 weeks waiting period but I have waited twice that long for rebates to arrive. Rebates are also in store credits, on product that has been marked up 30-40%.

What a joke! Never never again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

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Wow, you certainly get pissed easily. I've had a similar situation and similar push back and just asserted myself and got what I wanted.

I didn't cry about it. I was a man about it. I've dealt with this same thing as Sears, Costco, Kohl's, etc.

It's unbelievable that people like you exist. Maybe try growing up and acting like an adult next time.


Sounds like you hit a nerve with these low life menards supporters. GREAT!

I still say good for you, stand up for your hard earned dollar. I couldn't care less about how much they stick it to their customers, all I know is you were right on!

DON'T SHOP at menards! other home stores treat you better anyway.


Lazy, self-entitled, spoiled piece of ***. The return policy is plan as day on YOUR receipt!

When I was a store manager I would have refused to return just in the premise that you cried enough to get me called up there.

Stay at home and shop online. Learn proper behavior before you go out into public again.


Yes, and don't let some anonymous clown who thinks they are something special bully you. Just go where they want your business.

Because obviously they don't want it at the store you went to, or the one that anonymous cowards work at. :x


What do their rebates have to do with your being an Most of their rebates get to you quicker than 4-6 weeks.

What's wrong with a 30-40% mark up? That is much better than a full retail mark up of 100%. A 40% markup means that Menards would be charging you $14 for an item they paid $10 for.

Out of that $4 in profit the have to pay rent, heating/cooling, electricity, payroll, taxes, maintenance advertising and all other costs of doing business and yet they are able to give you a rebate that you complain about. It's unfortunate that people like you don't take time to educate themselves as to what it takes to run a business.

@Learn a little

"Learn a little" is just another uneducated Menards employee, no doubt. Don't bother even reading their comments.

Not worth the time. :(


Menards customers are the laziest shoppers, the all claim to have lost their receipt, refuse to look one up at the kiosk. They refuse to look for items in the store, "guests demand to know exactly where items are located and want their hand to be held while walked to the product.

What other store can you walk into demand such personal service, and then return it the next day.

Menards guests are the rudest I have ever seen, they do not wait in line at the service -return desk-they have no receipt so it takes twice as long, they get mad at menards,not the lazy person who is returning carts of old, dirty products they want us to *** their hands at full price.. Menards take your drivers license and keeps track of stolen property returned, and as target does, menards will soon cut you off from being lazy anymore.


Hey welcome to " BEND OVER YOUR AT Menards" I'm glad you stood your ground and demanded your money back! GOOD FOR YOU!

In store credits, what a miserable way to run a business. More folks need to hear how miserable the experience really is inside those doors at menards, always remember Lowes, Home Depot or a local hardware store will treat you with respect, NO IN STORE CREDITS either.


Read the warranty. It says the manufacturer will repair or replace the dehumidifier.

It does not say the retailer will give you a cash refund.

I doubt they will miss you. Stores don't need jerks that throw temper tantrums when they don't get their way.


"Rebates are also in store credits, on product that has been marked up 30-40%." THAT IS NOT TRUE, 100% MADE UP BY YOU. The prices are not marked up on rebated items, matter of fact if it's on rebate at Menards is normally an item under 10 dollars or it's an item that is total JUNK.

As far as the return policy goes it's simple and straight forward. It's posted at the return desk and on your receipt. Warranties are thru the manufacture not Menards so that is not relevant here. You have 90-days on most items WITH A RECEIPT! refund. If it's passed 90 days you will run into issues, no receipt even more so.

Now let's look at the bigger issue. YOU HAD A TEMPER TANTRUM TO GET WHAT YOU WANT! It's amazing our culture allows this to be acceptable. I guarantee you if you had to daily with people like yourself on a daily bases you would understand why retail associates are the way they are in this day and age.

The best part is you eventually got what you want and it was still not good enough. The manager even went against policy for you and you did not appreciate it at all.


Soooo you got your cash back against their policy, which is exactly what you wanted... and your mad? You got your way didn't you?