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Fruit trees were purchased for Mother's Day last year - gifts - 2 did not make it (Peach & Cherry) dug them up yesterday - returned to Bloomington store - did not have any peach or cherry trees - in stock gave us "in-store" credit - needed trees for planting this weekend- a CSR person Kevin told my husband that he didnt know what the *** to tell him" I was at work made phone call to Menard's in Bloomington - after sitting and listening to Evening Manager Tony Williams talk to Kevin about what had happened - it made no difference to Tony Williams evening Manager - what had happened he told me there were "no exceptions made" in fairness to all customers. Having been in customer service oriented business' for 35 yrs I did not feel I had been treated properly given the main fact that MERNARD's did not have the trees I needed in stock. I called the Menard's store in Indianapolis (Emerson Ave) and I explained my dilemma and was on the phone for about 2 minutes and was told "no problem- bring in your in-store credit and your receipt and we will refund your money so that you can get your trees.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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