Wheaton, Illinois

I am a contractor. I have been a customer for many years.

But I have not purchased much since H/Depot has moved in. Your return policy has pissed me off multiple times. I don't carry all my receipts with me on a daily basis so to return something is a royal pain in the ***. I don't have time to go to your newest machines to find my receipt.

Why can't you do a "look up" like H/ Depot off of my Menards Card ??? You might want to consider this option, I sure I am not the only one out there that gets pissed with your system.

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i understand the hostility of having to deal with customers everyday. Im also contractor.

i love menards and have alot of friends there but i have to say that i dont agree with what chris said. '' It just shows how ignorant and lazy you menards shoppers are".

thats not the way to do business and that comment could cause alot of damage to the company with anyone reading that, the way i did. like i said i understand the customer/sales relationship but please dont beat us all down.


Coming from a Service Desk cashier for over a year and a half, I know the stores return policy inside and out....the cashiers CAN'T look up receipts from the card from our computers (that's why we have the Kiosk that can do it for you!!) We don't have the authorization level to do so (because we have to sign onto the computers), and if a manager does it, they are questioned by General Office and it's even more of a royal pain for everyone (guest and team member). Hold onto youre receipts!

Or at least use a debit/credit card so we can track your transictions on our kiosk. Otherwise take the consequence of an instore credit for the lowest selling price!! It's N0T hard. I've seen MANY contractors that have come in with folders & envelopes full of receipts and we can just help them look for the receipts (one thing we CAN do, is give you the sku# for the merchandise) so we can look through the recepits quickly to find the item on the correct receipt.

So being a contractor with a lot of receipts is N0 excuse to bithc and moan about us not being able to look up the transactions on our computers and being too lazy to walk 5 steps to the kiosk and spend 2 minutes to look for your reciept.

I'ts AGGERVATING to listen to guests get pissed off about things that is their own fault in the first place.


i agree with chris one hundred percent! customers need to take more responsibility for themselves!

it is unfortunate that there are people out there that would try to return items that werent purchased at our store, so we have to have some form of proof! yea your a contractor... and your the only one who spends millions of dollars at menards... and your going to threaten to go elsewhere...

ask any menards employee and theyve all heard the same. telling us that doesnt make us want to help you anymore! if you were polite and not ignorant we might just get the store manager to step in and see what he or she can do.

we do make exceptions for people we know... and who are nice.


The returns kiosk is a new and exciting addition to Menards. It is the same system that is used in most other retailers.

This system will allow a guest such as yourself to find a receipt from any Menards stores where a "trackable" form of payment was used. This type of service and the benefits a contractor gets through Menards along with lower prices and an excellent sales staff will makes Menards a much wiser choice to continue to grow your business.

Menards is much more interested in serving you better than Home Depot. We will always be better.


The returns kiosk is a new and exciting addtion to the Menards stores. This is the same system that most other retailers use to help the guest track their purchases. It is extremely user friendly and will help you find any purchase from any Menards where a "trackable" form of payment was used.

This type of software and the benefits you enjoy from the contractor sales team along with low prices and an excellent sales force in the store makes Menards a much better choice than Home Depot when it comes to improving your business.


The returns kiosk is a new and exciting addtion to the Menards stores. This is the same system that is in most retailers now days.

This will allow you to recall any receipt from any Menards where you used a "trackable" form of payment.

It is fairly simple to use and I'm sure if you take a second and try it, you will be relieved to find it is quicker and easier than keeping your receipts.

I hope you continue to shop our stores. Our low prices and superior contractor services over Home Depot, along with our friendlier staff should pay off big for you and your business in the long run.


The menards team members are not your mommy and daddy. Why don't you become more responsible and keep track of your receipts instead of blaming the store?

The machine is their to help find your receipts. All you do is swipe your credit card and up comes the days you shopped their. Or just put in the sku number from the product. Its that simple.

Doesnt take a genius. Or beter yet, just take store credit if you cant find the receipt.

I can't believe somebody would actually whine about having a machine find a receipt for you. It just shows how ignorant and lazy you menards shoppers are.