Springfield, Illinois
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I returned a shed to buy another shed at about the same price. no one told me anything about a 25% restocking fee, 125.00 I said no one told me about it and was told it wasnt their job to tell me anything.

plu they charged me interest for not finishing my 6 month free interest contract. I ended up cutting my big card up and will not buy from them until this is worked out.

the assistant manager was not very nice. I would of paid the last payment on it and then bought the shed to keep from having this happen.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Please, please for the love of God, call Menards Corporate and talk to someone. When I would sell a guest furniture, I'd always go over their purchase with them carefully so they understood what the warranty covered as opposed to the extended warranty, about delivery and delivery fees, exactly how the rebate program worked, and I made sure to go over the return policy.

Maybe I was an exception to the rule but I didn't want anyone going back to my manager with a complaint or tell my manager I didn't give them any information. Complaining to the store manager doesn't get you anywhere sometimes. Especially if the store's manager is a jerk. Always, always complain to Menards Corporate and if they can't give you a solution you're satisfied with, report them to the better business bureau and file a complaint with the state's attorney.

It's easy--you can go on line and fill out the forms.

Let it be a lesson, before you apply for a store credit card, understand store policy as it applies to purchases and returns. If someone doesn't volunteer the information, then ask.


How many store would not charge you a restocking fee for a special order honestly. And if you would have read the special order slip or the screen that pops up for you to sign that says their will be a fee if you return you would not look as dumb right now.

And HSBC not only does Menard's credit cards they do quite a few major business credit card and i dont know how old you are but if you dont pay the bill and it was a no interest for a time period you are going to get charged that interest. Im 18 and i know this.


Perhaps you could get something for it at the local pawnbrokery.


Well you should read befor you sign and yes there are higher restock fees at other stores to. Its a nostock items so why should they have to take it back and hope some one some day will come in and want it?


I saw a whole skid of pine doors get trashed at Menards and they just defected it all out. They are extremely crooked, and shame on them for screwing this customer as well!


???, are you aware that Menards can tell you to fly a kite because you're ugly? Or fire you because his spaghetti was terrible last night?

You are an at will employee and you signed up for it, so if you get canned for apparently no reason at all would you complain about it? Someone was more interested in buying a shed at the time than anything else. It is a shame that you are simply making a purchase from a company like MENARDS and still have to deal with a sort of contract that gives them levers to pull. Im sure that 25% restock fee is well buried in there.

And who in the *** would charge that kind of money for restocking?

You know with how tight Menards is that they would never ever pay that! Don't shop Menards.


Also Menards goes through a Bank called HSBC. Menards is not in charge of the Big Card and can't do anything to help you fix problems with it.

That is stated in the application material. If you have any issues with the card you must contact HSBC.


Take a look at the special order contract that you took to the register to pay for the shed with. It tells you there will be a 25% restock cahrge.

When you paid for the contract you had to sign a screen at the register acknowledging the terms of the special order contract. How can you say you weren't informed?