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I buy lawn mowers less in one month Stop working I come back to return or exchange she say no you cant return it or exchange it over seven days

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Location: 11140 Saint Charles Rock Road, Saint Ann, MO 63074

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They make it pretty clear with the signs by the lawn mowers that they don't take them back once you put gas in them. What you are leaving out of your comments is that they told you where a service center was that you could take it to for warranty repair.

The manufacturer will cover the cost of the repair as long as the mower was operated and maintained properly. If you failed to keep the proper level of oil or used stale fuel you can expect to be charged for the repairs as you didn't properly maintain the mower.


Both of the service centers were incorporated into independent hardware stores which were open for decades unfortunately went under when the big box stores such as menards, home depot and wal mart muscled there way into the neighborhoods. I called some 1800 phone number for service for my brand new lawn mower and informed the closest service center is 110 miles 1 way.

I called the store and they tell me there willing to look at but 2 weeks lead-time for service and a $50 upfront deposit for any mower serviced, and if the mower is under warranty $20 processing fee for them to file a claim.

In order to get my nearly new mower running I'm expected to drive 110 miles 1 way to drop off and pick up the mower for total or 440 miles, hours f@***g around driving and dealing with employees, and expected to pay a $50 deposit plus $20 processing fee, while my neighbors have toro and lawn boy mowers 20 to 30 years old that work great week after week. perhaps I should fine a credit card dispute with this lemon mower, drop it off at menards and buy a used mower at the neighborhood rummage sale?


Now that you've had this experience do you feel it was worth saving a few dollars to buy a mower at a big box store? Is it worth spending a few extra dollars to buy a name brand mower from a servicing dealer?


When these big box stores opened up the independent hardware stores, paint stores, lumber yard, garden store, butcher, auto part store, and a slew of other businesses that were family owned for decades were put under. There is no service dealer close by, only big box bullies.


It looks like there are several ACE Hardware stores and several TORO dealers near Saint Ann. Check them out.

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