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I bought a refrigerator from them it leaked 2 times on me and was making a weird noise. I called to return it they told me to bring it in after I payed them to deliver it .Then the guy in the delivery department hung the phone up on me and did not even give at time frame of when they would be here to pick it up I sat here all day waiting for them to pick up the refrigerator never showed up .I call the store a bunch of rude employees trying to get me to get another refrigerator I told them no I don't want one purchased one somewhere else .

Wensday came they finally got the refrigerator went to store for my refund lol charged for delivery and pick up for the rebate and paid 400.00 cash 300.00 on my credit card was given back 220.00 cash 300.00 on my credit card which took a week to go back on my account.

I paid 280.00 to menards for a 594.00 refrigerator figure this out I will never step foot in a menards again !!! Not to mention how rude the manager was and employee that hung the phone up on me !!!

User's recommendation: Don't shop here !!!

Location: Eagle, Wisconsin

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The difference is $180.00 not $280. As you returned the refrigerator you are no longer entitled to the rebate amount.

You were also charged to have a truck come out and pick it up. It isn't their fault you don't have access to a pick up truck to haul it in. Just as you had to pay someone to transport it to your house you also had to pay someone to transport it to the store.

Due to the low price and the fact that they took it back I would assume it was their store brand import. You are better off sticking with a name brand with a service network.

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