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I worked for Menard's for 7 years as a Part-Time Employee.

for 6yrs I was treated like *** by the old management. Store Management, Dept, Etc. Late summer / Early Fall NEW management comes in, New Store Management, New Assistants, Etc. My work hours went from bar none to an average 35 hours a week which were great. On November 26, 2010 I was in a work related accident and shortly after the Independent Medical Examiner (IME had evaluated me I get called in the next day and was Terminated.

Now this is obviously retaliation, because of my injuries sustained I have not be able to work out and was once a 3x champion bodybuilder.

I am still recovering from an accident that happened almost *** near a year ago. The store manager had moved me to another department before being terminated and I was in Flooring for 2-3months before being fired. Not only did the department switch aggravate my injuries even more, but just as I was being told about the transfer from one Dept. to another, I was called an "INCONVENIENCE" and that I was COSTING the store and company too much money. Just when I thought I was finally getting a fair shake at Menard's, it was a set up to get screwed over again!

If anyone has an employee handbook who used to work for Menard's and is looking to get rid of it, please contact me. All information will remain confidential.

I need this handbook to pursue any type of legal case.

Looking for recent copy of the handbook that was given to any former employee working from 2004-2011. Looking for local. Milwaukee County and Waukesha County Only. I can be reached at

Thank you,

Former Employee.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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They like to stretch the limits and most people take it. Step carefully, they are used to lawsuits by now. :?


Menards is an at will employer. They can terminate you whenever they want with or without a reason. You signed that page as well when you were hired.


A friend of mine was in a similar situation as you and was let go without even being given a reason. Our store denied him access to the papers he signed upon being hired and I was told that's why he won the case against them.

They needed to give him a reason why he was let go, not just that he was fired, AND they with held information from him like the papers he signed.

This happened in Wisconsin as well. I would personally go back to your store and ask them for copies of your papers or workbooks because from what I understand they're still your right to receive.