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We looked at Menards web site looking for 16 ft cedar siding boards. They do sell them but didn't have them in stock at our local store but would ship free to the store.

Ordered the boards at a cost of 1,615.10 when we got home with them we realized we had the wrong size (our error we ordered 6" width but needed 8"width) so we took them back to the store and were told there is a 25% restocking fee of 377.36. We could not believe it. Why don't they disclose that at the time you order? Live and learn I guess but if I had a pop up advising "be certain your order is correct as it will cost you 25% ...." I would not have ordered them.

They then asked me if I wanted to buy the 8' boards they have in stock....needless to say I did not buy them. 25% is sticking it the consumer and it is just plain wrong.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wood Siding.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $377.

Menards Pros: Prices.

Menards Cons: Dishonest information.

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Very soon ALL businesses will be going to a 15-25% restocking fee. While YOU think its unfair, it IS the cost of doing business.

Much like YOU, THEY are in business TO MAKE MONEY!!! Just because they are a company doesnt change the underlaying information. So YOU make a mistake and EXPECT and DEMAND that THEY eat the cost of YOUR mistake?? What are you six years old??

Get over it and move on, businesses are TIRED of being screwed over by people like you. WHY should THEY eat the costs associated with YOUR MISTAKE???

THEY didnt place the WRONG ORDER, YOU DID!!!! TRY and be a bit more responsible PLEASE!!!


I did something similar and I am not happy about it. The more expensive the item, the more restocking fees you pay to Menards.



It's on the sign when you walk in the entrance of every Menards store. There is a 25% restocking fee on cancelled or returned special orders.

The reason why they charge this, is because the product is paid for, by the store, to get that special merchandise to you. If it's returned, usually they have to wait for that product to sell, which they they will lose money on, due to the product getting damaged, or marked down below the companies cost. Any for profit store should implement this. Let's say for example someone special orders a 200$ pink toilet, 25% of that is 50$, the customer pays the 50$ restocking fee (which is stated at the returns counter on a big green backboard), then while it's waiting to be sold another guest bumps into it and breaks it....

the toilet probably cost Menards 140-160$ to purchase, they charged you 50$ to return it, they either make 10$ or lose 10$.... it's good business ethics.


The answer is already in what you wrote, you're just not intelligent enough to realize it. "ship free to the store." You paid nothing for shipping and handling!

Restocking fees are in place to recover that lost money. Menards now either needs to send it back which cost more money or they need to make room for it on the floor taking unwanted shelve space. In most scenarios it will sit there for months taking up space of items that will generate sales quicker, this loses Menards money as well. At some point during the purchase the restocking fee is referenced if you failed to read that or be a savvy consumer that's your fault not Menards.

Menards is not the only retailer with restocking fees, matter of fact most of the big box stores have a restocking fee program or something similar. You were happy when you got free shipping, go you! Menards was happy when they sold you some product, go Menards! The problem is you didn't hold up your end of the deal and Menards had to get restitution for that known as a RESTOCKING FEE.

Want better service? Be a better consumer!

It really is that simple.


Take a look at your order form. The 25% restock charge on special order merchandise is right there in black and white.

When you check out you are even asked for a signature stating that you agree to the terms of the order. It's always a good idea to read over orders before you place them.


Like dealing with a public school, "you are supposed to know" about their procedures. Best to shop elsewhere, tho I hope you realize that Menard's did have the boards shipped to them and now have to figure out what to do with them.


Yes you are "supposed" to know how to read. Brilliant!