Dallas, Texas

I order two lights on line and when I received they were not what we were expecting. Ok no problem, just return them, sent an email to find out how to return them ( as there was no paper work with the lights).

Then I found out that I had to pay a restocking fee of 25% plus the return shipping.

I initially paid $180.88 for the two light (including taxes and shipping), my refund is only going to be $94.79, 1/2 of what I paid. So buyer beware make sure you know exactly what you want before you order.

Monetary Loss: $86.

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Heartless should be named clueless! Menards offers nothing but inferior products, then after the sale inferior service.

Don't shop at menards, drive the extra distance and get quality products, and if you do have a problem you will get treated like a respected customer.

I am convinced menards looks for opportunities to take more of our money after the sale, than lowes or Home Depot. At least there are no in store credits at lowes or Home Depot, what a joke that in store credit is anyway.


A lesson learned? What a *** answer.

You must be a government employee, do you work for the IRS?

Menards is wrong! Admit it.

@This guy

wow! anger issues???

First off, why would he be a government employee, or even the IRS for that matter? Just because he used the phrase "a lesson learned?" Secondly, as the poster correctly stated, many stores have restocking fees, it is a simply fact of life now with retail stores. It is the consumer's responsibility to stay informed.

The information is posted, albeit hard to find at times, and if you don't read the fine print its no one's fault but your own.


SMH...Most online retailers have a restocking fee, and some traditional B&M stores do too, after 15 - 30 days. However, what I would encourage you to do, if you haven't already, is try to take the lights to your local store, (as suggested via the website).

If they take them back you will be money ahead if not, well count this as a lesson learned.

To the poster from Anderson, Indiana...We get it you don't like Menards. I can even relate as I have had negative experiences at many different places of business that I did not like or felt the situation was handled properly. But come'on my good sir, its time to move on, rather than post on every compliant on here everyday. If you look at Home Depot and Lowes, they are non-better.

If you really want to "stick-it" to Menards simply send your money else where, as that's all you can do!


It's pathetic that people do not understand what A RESTOCKING FEE IS. Menards loses money when you ORDER something and decide it not what you wanted.

Had you purchased via the store you could return it for a full refund because there is less to no money lost by that process.

Menards is not the only place that has restocking fees.

It's not a scam or a way to take advantage of you. IT'S A WAY TO PROTECT THEMSELVES FROM INDECISIVE PEOPLE, LIKE YOURSELF.


Congrats, your now part of the " bend over your at menards " crowd. Unbelievable, isn't it?

Stay away from menards if at all possible, you really saved BIG money at menards didn't you?

I know Lowes or Home Depot would take the lights back, no restocking or return shipping charges. DUH


You should check out the Home Depot section on this website.... There is a complaint there about Home Depot charging a RESTOCKING FEE. I love when you clueless people come on here and make idi0tic claims about stuff you know nothing about.


You must think you're pretty clever. "bend over you're at menards"...

is that your new catch phrase?

You seem to use it every chance you get. FYI, it's not that great.


Yes, you should know what you want to order before placing an order. If you read their return policy which is posted, the restock fee is no surprise.

The merchandise coming back usually isn't packaged the way it came as people can never fit a product back in the box the way it came out. They will have to inspect it and repackage it and possibly sell at a discount. They have also spent time processing the order, and preparing it for shipping which is an expense that doesn't come free. Why would you expect them to pay to have the package shipped back?

Don't expect businesses to pay for your indecision. Next time if you are not sure go into a store and look at products before you buy.


And Menards will not take back at the store without charging you all these fees? The more i read about this company the more i dont like......