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In regard to the Kansas City North store on 152 HWY. I have made purchases in the thousands of dollars since this store first opened.

Since the COVID-19 hysteria started I have been purchasing materials weekly without ever wearing a mask every bit of 10 weeks. Our Governor has clearly stated wearing a mask is a choice and not mandated. Your ability to make choices is very important. The CDC has stated these masks do little to nothing for stopping this virus.

On 5-10 -20 I went to the store to speak with the pro- desk about the purchase of about $13,000 worth of material for an upcoming job. As I proceeded to the back of the store I was intercepted by a very mouthy female manager having a meltdown that I was in this store without a mask on and that I must leave now. I stated to her I don't have a mask and don't need a mask and was then told it is store policy and posted everywhere and I should know this!!! When I came into the store like I always do I never stop to read but just head the direction to the department of the product I need - simple enough.

Upon learning my type was not welcome - I left Menards without speaking to the pro- desk and now plan on moving all my business to other more business friendly environments. I believe this was truly over the top and comparable to the brown shirt Hitler youth snitch's of the 1940's using mask shaming. This is too bad because I do like Menards but management at your corporate level needs to realize one solution does not fit every part of this country.

I will recommend and now require that any contractor, sub- contractor working for me not to purchase materials from Menards and will be reviewing all receipts. Should material from Menards come to a work site it will be returned as quickly as I was asked to leave on the 10th.

Preferred solution: Face Mask Requirements - choice .

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Stores are private property they have the right to refuse service to anyone. They set the rules!

You follow them or get kicked out, simple! Do you read stop signs? Do you wear a seat-belt? Oh you do?

So why can't you read a sign on a door as you enter a business? Why can't you wear a mask? Listen up masks in fact do help. They help reduce asymptomatic people from spreading it.

You easily could show no symptoms and be spreading it everywhere. Masks save lives regardless if you want to believe it or not. Great job being a great human!

Throwing a tantrum over nothing! America the land of the entitled and dumb!


Jezz - Get a man card Really sick of *** - not shopping there anymore ***


Amen brother!


Jesus, yes please, do us all a favor and please shop some else.


stop comments such nasty remarks on every review. You have lost your power to influence anyone and only making menards look worse.

@Leslie P

Thanks for calling this person out


No, the masks don't do a lot to help you from catching the virus but what they do is help prevent you from spreading it to others if you have it. It is possible for you to have the virus and not know it.

Menards is trying to protect their employees and other customers in the store. It's a shame that you have so little respect for your fellow human beings that you can't wear a mask when shopping in the few stores that are allowed to be open at this time.


Freedom and choice everyday - no shame. My choice will be to not support Menards or any of their employees. You are welcome to live in your world just don't impose it on me.

@roy m

Then complain to their Corporate Headquarters instead. Their contact information is found on their website.


Judging by what I am seeing I am sure they are getting the message from the consumers. Free men don't ask !!!

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