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GI called the number provided. It sent me to the Menards Capital One Credit Service.

They had no idea how to connect me with Menards Customer Service.

All I am asking for is a donation of Menards buckets for an Adopt-a-Highway program performed by a local Lions Club. Right now we are doing the highway cleanup with Lowes buckets. Someone commented that if we are cleaning the highway in front of Menards, we should be using Menards buckets, not Lowes buckets.

Please call me. Dan Kirkpatrick


User's recommendation: Menards need to fix their customer service contact information!!!

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Menards Cons: Customer service, Customers service.

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You need contact them on their website. No number besides there local stores.


To request a donation from Menards you have to send a request to their donations committee at their corporate office in Eau Claire, WI. Good luck at getting anything more than a model of one of the race cars they sponsor.


Using Lowes buckets in front of menards property is a great representation of how cheap the business is regarding donation to charities. Menards won't even let girl scouts sell cookies by the store entrance for fear they will compete with the store's grocery department.


Not letting Girl Scouts sell cookies has nothing to do with what they sell. If you let the Girl Scouts sell cookies you have to let the Boy Scouts sell popcorn and say yes to every other non profit that wants to harass their customers as they enter and exit the store. That is why many stores don't allow this kind of activity.


You are wrong, the reason menards turns down fundraising charities is because they don't fill John Menards wallet. Most big box retailers and independently owned stores allow fundraising by the entrance if for a genuine cause.

Nearly every other retailer has allowed the salvation army red kettle bellringer by their store entrance for years, but never at Menards since again John Menards does not profit off them. However there was one exception to this. For years menards let 2 direct tv salesmen in each of their stores. One to sit at a table by appliances and one to roam the store approaching customers asking who their tv provider is.

Why did John Menards allows these salesmen in his stores????

He got paid for each hour the salesmen were in the store, plus got a commission for each signed contract, plus direct tv purchased Menards gift cards as a promotion. Unfortunately this program was forced to be discontinued due to countless customer complaints and due to covid prohibiting salesmen solicitation in stores.

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