Wichita, Kansas

In Febuary 2013 i spent 14,500 on Medallion custom cabinets from Menards and had an itemized purchase/ order list along with a confirmed delivery date approximately two weeks after purchase. This date was crucial for installation, scheduling and because it would coincide with the alloyed time to actaully complete much of the instal myself within a scheduled time frame/ window.

Three days after the order, the date changed to 5-6 weeks later. The order came almost 8 weeks after purchase completely ruining my adjusted schedule. Further more, there were a multitude of errors of lacking cabinets, missing items, wrong measurements and over one dozen noticeable scratches on my brand new still in the box cherry wood cabinets. A RE-ORDER for missing and damaged goods was placed.

Then again two more weeks later when THAT shipment came in and was still not correct. It is now late August and i have just placed yet one more repeated order for missing items am my kitchen is still not complete because of these repeated errors. For example, the finished side skin for the cabinet that protrudes above the refrigerator is missing and has been ordered now THREE times! That cabinet can not be installed yet because the skin is missing.

Which prevent a the adjacent cabinet from being installed. Which prevents the molding from being installed.

This has been a NIGHTMARE of complete screwups and i have zero faith or appreciation for Menards and their product lines. I do NOT recommend them for anything.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Remodeling.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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I hope your measurements were better than your English. Jeezus!!!!


We had the same experience. It's not the time estimates that are Menards' problem although job #1 should be setting expectations with their buyers unless they want to end up disappointing them.

My biggest beef is their complete lack of accuracy and attention to quality. We ordered cabinets in July, we received them in 6 weeks not 4 weeks (fine) but they sent the wrong sizes of several components and shorted us on moldings, so we are sitting here with a half done kitchen waiting for replacements. Can you have your countertops installed with half the cabinets installed? No.

Can you cook on a stove that has nowhere to sit? No. Does it cost money to have to keep bringing contractors back, or rescheduling other services? Yes.

Menards should try to comprehend their impact on the process when a customer is investing tens of thousands of dollars on a project. So... we were supposed to get our replacements after 3 weeks time, at the beginning of Sept. After making 3 calls asking them what was up (apparently "Labor Day really threw us off" was the reason for the delay), we finally got the replacments in (end of Sept.).

Well guess what - they're still all wrong. For the second time, we found 30" cabinets put into boxes labeled 36". Yes, missing dates is annoying - no one wants to be given unrealistic dates for delivery - most reasonable people will be, well, reasonable, when you tell them the truth. But this level of quality control is just painful.

It is beyond frustrating to have a kitchen take 4 months because Menards can't figure out how to get their guys to put the right pieces in the right boxes, or check inside during the picking process. How Menards gets recommended for cabinets by anyone, ever, is beyond me.

They're not cheap, and they're just hapless at quality and customer service. Go elsewhere.


"confirmed delivery date approximately two weeks after purchase." Do you know what the word approximate means? It's an estimation and subject to change.

I've ordered stuff for people that estimated 2 weeks, then show up 3-months later because of manufactures not keeping up with the demand. Menards has zero control over this, the only thing they could possibly do is not allow the order in the first place, however, Menards has zero idea this is going to happen so they go a head and place the order. No doubt this is a major issue, but if the computer says it can be ordered and gives a date that's all the employee at the store can go by.

Regardless you cannot ignore the word "approximately." If it's taking to long for you then just return the item get your money back and go somewhere else.

As far as measuring goes, Menards does not do any measuring for anyone. You're the one who has to provide Menards with accurate measurements.