Cleveland, Ohio

I ordered 7 boxes of durarock which is the fake cement to look like a rock to make a wall behind the wood stove. I had to order two seperate recepticle boxes which the brochure did not represent accurately what it looked like.

You would figure they would blend into the stone work, instead, it looked like a block of cement with no coloring to it and the design on the surface was like no design at all as far as a rock look to match the rest of the product. I took it back to Menards and they wanted to charge a 25% return fee which I asked to speak to a manager and ended up walking across the store as no manager came after a period and the manager told me what would he do with them, i did have to special order them in but was assured they would look good with the rest of the stonework. He told me he could not even give me any money back on them to which I told him this was the last time I would do any buisness with them and I had actually $9,220.02 in credit card purchases for the year 2011. I will write the company and see if they can take them back.

I use to be a good customer I told the manager home depot is just as close and they would be getting all my buisness from now on. I am not a contractor and have been buying materials at this store since they opened and every year I spend over $10,000 on projects for the last 8 or so years. Guess in these times, a $37.98 product is not worth $10,000 in buisness but I stick to my principal no more buisness with them. They have taken back special purchase items in the past with no hassel why this product?

beats me! I have had one other bad experience with a peach tree door I bought from them took a year and a court order to get my money back and i swore not to do buisness at menards then but went back after the manager at that time was charged with sexual harrassment in winona, mn.

You know the saying screw me once shame on them screw me twice and shame on me well, i did twice and they will not get a third time. Good By Menards with this kind of service, I know your sales have fallen and have heard a number of customer compalaints just add mine to the rest.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Customer Care.

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the reason the have a restocking fee for not normally stocked items is because, its not normally stocked. once we take it back we have to find somewhere to put it and wait for it to sell because its something that usually isn't sold alot.

As for you being assured that it would look good. its an opinion and you probably would have bought it anyway if he would have said it was the *** looking thing ever.


Read your special order CONTRACT a little better next time.


Listen you dubm @sses, Retail Manager and Murdered Out, it's obvious what side of management your on. If you sell it be prepared to take it back if the customer can't use it. Have you never taken back a return in you lifetimes Jack@sses and by the way stick your retail figures up your boardwalk you bag of human ***.


It's the companies fault because you didn't use due diligence before you purchased something??? I'm glad thay didn't take it back - don't you idiots realize what returns due to a business???

I doubt that this is even a legitimate complaint - folks who are too ashamed to use their names and throw "large" dollar amounts around are really not believable. I hope that whevever you go you are appreciated as much for your business as you are for taking it elsewhere!!!!


Actually Menards comp sales increase is up substantially. For those of you unfamiliar with comp sales, they are the sales figures from the previous year, not including new stores.

HD is about even and Lowes is down. Lowes closed 20 stores this year alone.

You obviously acted a fool, because if you had approached this in the proper way they would have taken it back. Thanks for trying though....