Salisbury, North Carolina

at the end of the day, one of my guys backed into the wheelbarrow with a bobcat. a simple accident, and easy fix, or it should have been. the service at the carmel indiana store never has been great, but i still spend about 2 grand a month there. anyway, it's 7:30 p.m., and i need another wheelbarrow by 6 a.m. the next morning and i'm close to carmel so i went to menard's. all they have are wheelbarrow " kits" that i'm supposed to assemble myself, or, pay a guy 18 bucks an hour to put together. there's a display, and i explain situation to the stock person, who informs me "we don't sell displays". i told him i would pay extra, and he still refuses. i ask the store manager, and that *** refuses as well.

i left menard's and went to the lowes' in carmel. whadduyouknow. the have assembled wheelbarrows exactly like i need, and they were cheaper. i bought one.

i asked the clerk at lowe's what would happen if somebody wants to buy a display, and he told me" SIR, EVERYTHING IN THIS STORE IS FOR SALE". i won't say i'll never go to menard's again, but they are my v ery last choice. i can spend several thousand a year elsewhere, and will

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well this is a first, you were going to pay more for a display. i work at menards and the reason we don't sell displays when we have the product in a box is because everytime someone will get the display and then when they get up front to pay they ask for a discount because its "damaged." then we have to sell it under the cost of what we pay for it and on top of that pay and employee to rebuild another one.


The product at Lowes was cheaper? That sounds like a very rare occurance.

I am accustomed to prices 10 to 15 % higher at Lowes. :?


The displays are there so consumers can see the finished product. If they sell you the display they loose sales until a new display can be built.

Unfortunately display building comes behind helping customers, stocking the shelves and a number of other things.

This is why once a display is built it doesn't get sold until the last of the stock is gone. If I were you I would have your guy that ran over the old one build a new one...perhaps he would be more careful the next time.


Honestly, we just don't have time to build the displays. You talk about paying someone $18 an hour....well we get maybe 2% payroll.

Meaning if that wheelbarrow was $50, we'd get $1 of payroll. Corporate is allll over payroll, and this time of the year is really slow. We have a million things to do, and Dennis (before he got fired) and Gaylen don't even give us 3 mgrs in that department anymore. I know what you're saying, and I'm sorry we couldn't assemble the wheelbarrow for us....we just don't have the time.

Waaaay too much stuff to do besides help people. When I started 10 years ago, we had a ton more payroll....maybe 90 hours a day when I was in plumbing. Now we get 45.

Its literally half. Thats why we avoid helping people now, we have all this other stuff to do and half the staff.


it's a liability issue. If it wasn't assembled per manufacturers instructions and somehow fails to work properly, than they are liable for any injuries and/or damage that occurs. It's the same reason that they cannot assemble grills, patio furniture, etc.