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I would like to share a very horrible shoping experience I had this evening at the Menards Store , 7435 Barrington Road Hanover Park, IL 60133,

I was using the Menards Merchandise Credit Check towards the purchase today. Which we got after spending over $4000.00 at Menards Store.

My Wife is a small business owner and I do all the purchases for her business, We are the Loyal customer of Menards, We shop at Menards from very Long time.

Mr. Steve Capela Assistant General Manager this evening refused to accept the Menards Merchandise Credit Check. Mr. Steve wants me to show the ID. I show him the ID my Wife last name my last name matched clearly.

I am one of the person who do the shopping for my Wife business. This evening I was purchases

Lundary tub and some other items. Tomorrow morning the plumber is schule to come for installation. We don't have the material to provide to the plumber thanks to Mr. Steve.

After Mr. Steve totally refused to sell me the merchandise I stayed for little long to see how the other cashiers are redeeming the Merands Merchandise Credit Check. I saw that the other customer had a purchase of $122.00 at the other checkout lane and the cashier happily finished the transation didn't ask for any kind ID or and kind proves what so ever.

I had made purchases earlier this week and used this same Credit Check to pay without any questions about showing the ID. I ask Mr. Steve why their is so inconsistancy in implenting your policies.

Mr. Steve said that It is only to protect your interest, I requested a copy of the policy to Mr. Steve, He again refused and said it is not given to customer. If it is not to give customer then how the customer will know to used the Credit Check without a huge ambracement at the Check Out lane by the Menards employees.

Matter of fact is nothing write on the Menards Merchandise Credit Check, in referance to show any kind of ID. There is a note to Cashier writen "Cashier: Have guest endorse to validate".

As far as my using the Credit Check, it clearly writen " Upon presentation of this credit check to any Merards store, Menards will give credit towards merchandise in the amount of : ( value of the credit check). I am requesting to find out why I was refused today.

I requested to have the Name & phone of DM to Mr. Steve.

Mr. Steve has not give me name and said that we handle all the complaint at the store level.

I am making this Complaint that Mr. Steve acted against totally clear Rebate Program writen on the post card and I have coded in the above para. I was treated very badly today, We go to the store because of the good name " Menards" if the store employee and the managers treat the customer this way, as a customer it is very difficult to maintain our diginity and respect when we are in store. I hope this complaint is handle by a senior Official at Mernards and address to it's merits.

If You Have any questions I can be reached @18477691726

Thank you

Mir Sultan

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Cashier.

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Per Menards policy, cashiers are to check ID if guest uses more than 3 rebates at a time or if rebate it more than $100


If this was written in correct English it might be easier to understand


If your name is not on it, you can not use it. How hard is that to understand?


honestly we were getting too many people complaining about NOT getting checked for ID with large or multiple rebates or in store credits. i got chewed out one day by a gentleman because i didn't check his ID on a mere $20 purchase but his rebate was close to $500. there are inconsistencies because there are too many people that complain when we don't check and there are some who don't care that we don't check ID's.


That rule is a rule because people tend to steal other peoples large rebate checks and try to use them. Then when someone does and the person who's rebate check it really is blames us for losing it.

Guess what the General Office makes the stores handle their own issues.

And if you were smart enough to explore the internet you would know who is his higher up manager. But let me save you the time, he'll back the general manager because those policies are Menards policies.


Your last name and address need to match your drivers license. When your wife mailed in the rebate everything is stated as HOUSEhold limit and HOME address; NOT buisness. If you want to use a buisness address you need to provide proof that you're with that buisness such as a utility bill with your name and the buisness address.


Here's the deal. If you want to use your spouses rebate you CAN, BUT you must have the same last name AND the SAME ADDRESS to match you drivers license.

The rebate clearly limits per HOUSEhold, not buisness, so you're required to mail the rebate to your home address.

The reason is so that the rebate limits are followed so that you don't mail in for a second rebate to your home AND the same rebate to your buisness. It's closing a loophole to keep rebate products available for all families that would like them, too many weekends people buy multiples "for other people" and quickly there's nothing left for other shoppers because the quantity rule was broken by the shopper.

You're just pissed because you got caught!


Menards does have the right to limit quantity as they see fit


The assistant general manager did the right thing! Your name did not match and he had every right to reject your attempt to purchase the items.

On larger credit amounts Menards always checks id's to insure they were not stolen from the original purchaser. Also calling your "wife" to prove it was her would prove nothing. You do know why this is right? Because anyone can say they're anyone over the phone it provides no real evidence.

You're in the wrong! And posting this just shows how *** you are.


Unfortunately, the consumer does not see the forest for the trees. Policies like this exist to protect both the consumer and the company from fraud.

Given the amount Mr.

petre1 spent to receive such a large rebate check, the small inconvenience of validating identity would be well worth the savings. I applaud Menard's for their actions in preventing identity theft.


This is a new policy... That is the reason that some cashiers were doing it and some weren't.

The policy is not more a week or two old. Some still haven't learned it yet. We check the name because credit checks are being stolen more and more often, so it actually is a benefit.

If you were such a good customer, Steve should have reconized you and accepted it. I reconize all of my repeat customers.


The reason the cashier checked your ID is because of the dollar amount of the credit check. If your name wasn't on it, they have no way of knowing that you are authorized to use it.

Quit whining and have your "wife" use her in store credit next time she shops. The same would happen if you were given someone elses checkbook or credit card to use....some things aren't worth the risk.

Someday it might help you out and prevent some kind of fraudulent charge. So long story short- you're welcome.


It is so hard to believe that Menards employees don't accept there company "merchandise credit check".

It is not like somebody trying to use a different store credit check at menards.