Indianapolis, Indiana
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I Jan C. Lucas made a purchase of several items, at Menards 6800 Pendleton Pike Indianapolis, Indiana.

The cashier informed me they no longer gave 10% discount to veterans. I spoke to the manager and he said Menards believed this was discrimination against all the good people who chose not to serve,and he was one of them. They also refused my rebate coupon, issued by Menards.I'm an 80% disabled veteran and to refuse a discount that Lowes, Home Depot, and until today Menards offered is an insult to me and everyone else who has served and bled for this country,while the good people who cower are afforded the same benefits.

Sincerely Jan C. Lucas

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Wait a minute, that's ridiculous! He's a person, I'm a person.


I had the same thing happen last night. While I will not disparage those that haven't served, the discount is a nice reminder that the sacrifices we've made are appreciated.

Most retailers will give a discount if asked, regardless of any affiliation. What gets me upset is their reasoning: "We do not discriminate. We charge the same low prices to all without regard to race, creed or occupation.

Thank you for your patience and understanding."

Discrimination? Gimme a break.


I am a veteran and I don't go around looking for free hand outs from stores. I always feel bad for workers that have to deal with people who feel entitled because they are part of a certain group. I am not commenting on the rebate since there was probably more to the story there.


Right now the current policy is that we only honor the discount to those who are ACTIVE DUTY. As far as the rebate goes I don't know the specifics but if it was not in your name (or your wifes) or if it did not have the same address as what would be shown on your ID those would be the only reasons for them to not accept your rebate.


I have never heard of any policemen or firemen complaining about not getting a discount. You talk about cowering, the military would not let me join, does that mean I should get a discount because I tried to bleed for my country?