Osceola, Indiana

I purchased a 18" Poulan chainsaw on 6-13-09 for $149.00. I used the saw on 6-14-09 for approx 30 min's, b/c it wouldn't run, and once it got hot, it wouldn't start until it cooled down.

I took the saw back to Menards where I bought it and told them the saw was defective and like to exchange it for one that works. I was told that since I put gas/oil into the saw I had to take it to one of there repair shops. I told the customer service girl that how are you going to know if it works properly or not,if you don't put gas/oil into it and check it out. I told her that I just wanted to exchange it, not to get my money back, but to no avail.

I believe since the saw was defective in the first place I should have gotten either my money back or have gotten another saw in its place. I didn't get either one.

I had to use my gas, time, and money to take there defective merchandise to a repair job and wait on them to find out what was wrong with it and what it would cost if anything to fix there defective saw. I feel the matter could've been taking care of on the spot for them just to replace the saw or refund my money back.

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Menards will not take back any tool with gas even if you got it 10 minutes ago.

happen to me with a power washer ran about 15 minutes and the pump started leaking had to take it to there fix it store

and buy another one to finish with my customers house.

cause it was going to be 2 weeks for them to get a new pump.

I never buy gas power tools at menards.. and i spend 50 or 60 thousand dollars a year there as a contractor..


Menards is the most respected and easiest to return to than any store I have ever known


kind of sounds to me like you forgot to mix oil with the gas thats what it sounds to me


menards is a very fair store maybe it depends on youre attitude when you are returning products :zzz


When you buy some piece of gas powered equipment, carefully remove it from the box so that if there's a problem, you can package it. Drain the gas and wipe it off a little if you have to.

Then break it somehow. Make it look like it could have happened in transit or at the factory.

Rick Saens has a problem easily remedied. Repackage and return it to a different menards for store credit.


We should choose good products - Poulan is a decent name brand, but a chain saw is notoriously the most abused 'tool' on the market.

Automatic Replacement....so when you buy a new car and go on a roadtrip and it makes a funny noise, they just give you a new Toyota, rather than fix yours under warrantee?


That's clever. You know, you almost had me going there for a while.


Defective is defective. The unit had to be test run so unless the manufacturer can completely remove any remaining hydrocarbons before shipping, it's got gas in it!

If it only ran for 30 minutes and puked, it sounds like a defective unit. I generally like Menard's but, if I was given that answer, that chainsaw would have been returned through the window.


I work for Wal-Mart and when we get a returned item that still has gas and oil in it, we ask the customer to get rid of it (they should have known not to bring flammables into the store.) Then we exchange the item for a new one if it is in the warranty period. Even if its not, sometimes we exchange it anyway.


I bought a John Deere item and had some issues with it. Should they just give me a new one and take the old one back?

Ofcourse not, unless you want to begin paying twice as much for such items. It is right and customery that when an item goes bad it goes to repair shop, and is not exchanged. You have all the opportunity to research products online, and try to make your best decisions, but some will always be bad, plus as was noted here, sometimes it is the consumers fault and not the manufacturer. (Oh, I know, none of us would ever make a mistake).

So it makes perfect sense that Menard's did what they did.

I have purchased many, many items from Menard's over the past six months when I built my house, and sometimes I had too many, or the wrong item, and they were ALWAYS great about taking back what they could. I think somone has made a mistake here in judgement, and it is not Menard's.


After reading the response from the store manager about the saw having gas and oil in it, why didn't they tell the man to go remove gas and oil and then they can replace so with a new one and the old one could be shipped back. BAD BAD MANAGER GOOD BUY MENARDS


Menards will normally take back any defective product exept for if it has had gas or oil in it just simply because they send most of their defective products back to the general office, then they go back to the manufactures.With this in mind you can't ship items with gas or oil because of a chance of a fire starting in the semi trucks and they would have hazardous material paperwork and licensing for every truck, that would in turn raise the price of products for the consumer. So yes, getting it fixed locally and having the manufacturs warranty pay for it is the option, and yes it does suck for your time lost but when your new car breaks down they don't give you a new one, they fix it and you are screwed out of your time and a ride. Its life


When buying an item most people don't look at warranty and return policy when they buy an item yes people need to but 99% of people don't so don't be blaming the guest for not looking at it. Im tired of all these lame employees beings so rude and mean to guest on here.

But i have bought a lawn mower at a computation and ran in to the same problem yes I Tried it as well knowing better.


I had the same thing happen to me with a $400.00 PowerWasher. I carefully followed the manufacturer's instructions and found that unit was not operating properly.

I have been waiting for over 2 weeks to the unit looked at.

The assumption is that the customer is always wrong, before the facts are known. I just got robbed of $400 and I am trying to plan my next move.


I'm wondering if you checked on the return policy or checked the warranty before you purchased the saw? If you had you would understand that gas powered tools are covered by a manufactures warranty that covers REPAIR at a service center.

If the saw ran for half an hour it obviously worked when you started using it. The reason manufacturers have gone this route is that far too many people fail to read the instructions. If you put gas without oil or the wrong mix of oil in the chain saw it will overheat and quit working, which sounds like what may have happened here. If the saw was not properly lubricated it would not be covered ender warranty and YOU will be responsible for the cost of repair.

If it was run per instructions it will be repaired at no cost to you. Let's face it, manufactures can not afford to take back abused products and make a profit.