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Save big money at Menard's,

I bought a power vent from Menard's and installed it on my roof in late summer to cool my attic. I set the unit's thermostat to 110 degree's.

It worked perfectly and lowered the temperature of the upper level bedrooms, which I didn't expect. We re-roofed my folks house and I recommended to my dad to install a power vent. He bought all his products from Menard's as well. The next spring, my motor was not running and after I checked the unit out, a little 10 cent part in the motor, which I couldn't get, failed.

Menard's refused a replacement because it was after 90 days and out of warrenty. Reluctanly and angered I bought another unit. I have several other complaints I will post here about Menard's.

Stay tuned.

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Hey, Menards now offers protection plans that go beyond the manufacturer's warranty on big ticket items such as power vents. They are generally inexpensive and usually cover year or more after the warranty.

Consider this next time you buy something big. Also, I do have to agree with Menard's right to refuse exchanging items after the 90 days, but it is also up to the manager in the department.

Usually, our Menards with take items back if it has been less than a year if you still have the reciept, but if you run into the problem, try contacting the manufacturer. More times than none, they will take care of the problem.


What kind of *** *** are you? Why should a retailer replace an out of warranty item.

From your other complaints it looks like you expect everything to last forever and if it doesn't it should be replaced with an identical item for free. Get a life you ***.


We have a couple guys like you DS that shop at our store. They buy the cheapest products they can to do a project or even the wrong products because they are cheaper and they think they can make them work.

They then come back when something goes wrong and expect us to fix their mistake.

Not our fault!!! Do it correctly the first time or maybe pay someone to professionally do it>


I'm starting to see a common thread in "ds" posts. Seems like every "problem" is never his!


To all readers,

I stumbled on this site and happened to read complaints from you about a business whose products and policy I had problems with. I felt a connection with you all and a renewed anger for this business, its awful policy and low class employee’s. I began to post some of my problems, and I have dozens, and to my surprise every post was targeted with a response defending this company. Several times my workmanship was criticized and they always tried to find fault in the way I did something having never met or worked with me. That is very evident on all my posts in the first replies. I know that consumers reading these replies are not buying it; consumers are smarter than they think.

So I decided to write this and add it to every post. I can only assume that these people are paid by the company, possibly employee's, to target the critics and complaints and to discredit them in any way possible. Several attempts to discredit my posts included comments not backed up by facts and also attempts to question my abilities as an installer.

It’s bad enough that 1000's of us suffer problems from bad products or poor customer service and we are left feeling cheated, but to add insult to injury and to strike out at a complaint in the fashion that these people are doing is unacceptable. I know that lots of you people can connect with me and my problems. You know exactly what I am talking about if you post your problem here. My guess is that people looking at this web site did not come here to defend places they shop, they are here to complain. So reading a discrediting reply to my posts leaves me in confusion as to who is writing it. I wish this company would put forth an equal effort to satisfy upset customers instead of using tactics like this. It would go a long way in preventing these complaints and I have several more. Time will not be good to them.



You can always talk to the manufacturer, not to mention now you can email them too! Exciting right. Most places do, give it a try and you might find you didn't have to spend more.


so you're saying you didn't even try? not even a phone call to the vendor? one would think this is the first step to take in the event of a breakdown on a product


How has the unit worked out for your dad, or the new unit for yourself? A seemingly reliable unit if they are both working well. Perhaps the first was just a lemon.

Most of these units are, however, made by AirVent or SellEven which are both American companies so correspondance shouldn't be that difficult if you are trying to locate replacement parts..


Sorry, I failed to mention that the product was built overseas. You try calling manufacturer. Good luck with that one.


This bozo is posting over all my complaints and defending Menards. I buy product and expect it to function longer than several months. How are you sure they would have helped me.


did you try going to a specialty hardware store to see if they might have had the piece you were looking for?

how about writing a letter to the manufacturer, requesting this "10 cent" piece? i'm sure they'd be more than happy to help you. hopefully you've tried these before writing a complaint.