Maddock, North Dakota

Menards refuses to give a 10% discount to service connected disabled veterans. Both Home Depot and Lowes give a 10% discount with the presentation of a service connected disability card from the Veteran's Administration.

This is not a very patriotic company. I know alot of veteran's including myself that boycott this company because of this policy. ten percent does not sound like much, but when you are living on VA disability and social security, it adds up. It at least covers the sales tax and some off the price.

In addition we purchased a shelter logic garage in a box two years ago and it is falling apart. Shelter logic web site sells them for 369.00 menards on line wants 571.99

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Honestly when I go shopping I never request any veteran discounts. The fact they don't offer the 10% is not a big deal and shouldn't be.

Anyone that joins the armed forces is doing so for many reasons and are also doing so knowing the risk involved. Stores that don't offer discounts for veterans shouldn't be persecuted for it. I'm sick and tired of my wife and family always reminding me about discounts I can get being a disabled veteran.

Like I said before people join for many different reasons for me it was right after Sept 11th and honestly for me it was the only choice. I didn't join and serve so I can eat for free one day a year or for discounts at dept stores.


Thank you for serving our country.

They do not give discounts to following sanitation workers, waiters, garage men, policemen, fireman, nurses, secretaries, teachers, truck drivers, cleaners, sewage disposal, plumbers, and list is never ending.


Going into the military is a career choice just like any other. This decision is reached usually from a lack of options. However, the entitlement felt by this group of consumers is ludicrous.

This past Monday was Veteran's Day. I had a coworker laughing about how she had gone to Chili's 3 times, Applebees 3 times. She got free food for herself and a few friends. It disgusted me how funny she thought it was that she abused the promotion put forth by these companies.

Its a money grab is all. Veterans just want to get as much free stuff as they can because they feel so entitled to everything because of a career choice.


Oh my Fookkin GOD!!! I can't believe "HEARTLESS" and all you other un American turds out there who don't have enough respect for this country and their FREEDOM to support our men and women who give so much for you.

Especially those who get injured and die in order for you to live in a great country where you can earn money at a job and freely complain about it with being fired or jailed or killed. Heartless says he's a Vet... for what country? Obviously not the USA or you would truly understand.

The one year you may have spent at military school doesn't count either, Heartless, so don't try to lie. If you don't respect our country enough to support it's troops, then leave, go, get the F out of here because we don't want you or need you.

HOW DARE YOU. You are NOT American's in MY book.


I believe everything that you said. Employees at Menards (specially managers) are all a***h***s.

I stopped buying at Menards already and I have taken all my business to Lowes.

Also, let me tell you that you should disregard any comment from Heartless & LTCC both are employees from Menards. They respond to each complain posted in this side about Menards.


Majority of the time, Lowes and Depots price after the 10% discount is still higher than Menards everyday low price. Im glad they are so patriotic.


I agree with John Menard.

Shop elsewhere, get the word out about how our American veterans are being mistreated by Menard's policy, and don't let anyone's money go to keep them open.

Then they will close for lack of business and their employees (you know, the people who will have to work less for their money) won't have to work at all.



Go somewhere else and make "Heartless" and all Menard's employees happy. They don't want your business and are much happier with less work for the money they earn. Even if there is NO HONOR in it.


Hahahahaha funny.


Can you hear the disdain these menards supporters have for customers? Once they have your money, it only gets worse!

I think these menards employees are rejects from other home improvement stores anyway.

The one thing to remember is Lowes, Home Depot and local Hardware stores will treat you respect, unlike menards. No need to boycot, just write them off and don't ever shop there again, I did.


Lowes has over 1,200 complaints on this website and Home Depot is near 700..... This totally discredits your m0r0nic post.


Ohh look another one of these! YOU are the most entitled group I've ever seen. GET OVER YOURSELF. I know many veterans and they think you people coming on here about a 10% discount is a total disgrace to all veterans.

You did not join the military for a 10% RETAIL discount. You are not entitled to one. GET OVER IT AND STOP MAKING YOUR FELLOW VETERANS LOOK BAD.



Reality Check is right. Boycott all you want.


They don't give senior citizen discounts nor do they give discounts to police officers, fire fighters, teachers, clergy, retail workers, truck drivers, farmers or any other group. They just have fair prices for everyone.

Get over yourself and quit thinking everyone owes you something because you had or have a military career. Everyone contributes to society in one way or another. Yes, our service to the country is to be admired. But so is the service police officers and firefighters provide to the communities they work in.

Truck drivers provide a service of moving goods and materials around the country. What would you eat if there weren't farmers?

Without retail employees there to put up with people like you complaining they don't get special treatment there would be no stores to shop in. I hope your reason for fighting for our country wasn't to get a discount when you shop.

@Reality check

i agree with quite a bit i read on posts like these. while the discount is nice it's up the the individual company to offer one. just like a senior discount and so on.

no one should just be given 10% off their bill for something just becaused they served in the military. and i have family members in the military.

just think of all the other jobs out there where someone puts their life on the line on a daily basis like the above example of police, fire fighters, and many others. they get nothing yet you don't see them going up in arms over it.

btw just a little jab at "reality check" many clergy do receive a discount if you'd like to think of it as one if they are making purchases for the church they're normally tax exempt :p

so in closing i'd just like to add that the OP really should get over this entitlement that thankfully only an extremely small % of vets seem to have with a discount which leads to giving other vets a bad name.


Anonymous....dont you just get tired of reading this tripe? I then i feel the itch to help out with reality and common sense....and a little sarcasm.....punk


Dear Vet....You already have the answer. If Home Depot and Lowes offers/accepts the discount.....then vote with your feet and wallet