Anderson, Indiana

Purchased over 500.00 in patio cushions and umbrella. When I checked out I asked the clerk how long I had to get a price adjustment if the items went on sale.

He told me 30 days and I had to have my receipt. No problem, 24 days later I check the store ad and see the umbrella on sale, so off to the store where I find everything I had purchased on sale. When I go to the service desk the clerk tells me the policy is 14 days. Not my problem...she checks my receipt and tells me that the cashier that day is a stock guy and was just helping out and might not have known the 14 day policy so they will refund the differnce to me...great, in the form of store credit,NO, I paid cash, had it been a credit card or check I would understand, but this is my money not theirs, and I should not be forced to spend the difference in their store.

So I asked to speak to someone besides the manager and was given a toll free number for guest relations, totally automated and it states that all complaints be submitted in writing.

So this tells me that they must have lots of complaints if they can't speak with their paying customers. I won't go to a Menards again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Cashier.

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When getting a price adjustment you get it back with a in store credit doesn’t matter if you paid with cash or not because we don’t have to be nice enough to even provide that


Your right, Menards is bad news when it comes to customer service. The store managers are nothing more than robots for The regional bosses.

After the sale they couldn't care less about the customer.

BEWARE don't think for a moment any employee at Menards is competent including the manager, especially Keith Clevenger, don't patronize the anderson store if at all possible. Customer should always be cared for and this is not the case in Anderson.


Here you are AGAIN! Menards doesn't have Regional Managers, or "bosses", as you call them.

You obviously made a fool out of yourself over some issue, whether at the store or personally with this Store Manager. And now, all you are able to do is go online, anonymously non-the-less, and bash him and his company.

This is why there are so many issues in the world today. People say or do whatever they wish, uniformed about what they are talking about, and people buy this garbage just because "I read it on the internet, and the internet can't lie!"

Read a book.....


Soo you went back to the store 24 days after you purchased the items.. ok the guy told you wrong even if he told you correctly, your items obviously did not go on sale within the 14 day policy anyways so you should feel extremely special that they gave you an in store credit I would have gave you nothing.

@menards cashier

And that is why the customer service yhere is so *** They have people like you working there.


Someone please correct me if im wrong.... But don't just about all stores print their return policy on the back of the reciept?


It says right on your receipt that a sale price adjustment can be done within 14 days from the date of purchase and will be put on a merchandise credit check and they didnt have to give you one at all so your lucky you got what you did! Also it dosent matter what someone told you I'm sure you know how to read!


Price adjustments are at a store's discretion. There is no law that says that stores have to give price adjustments under ANY circumstances.

You decided at the time of purchase that what you were buying was a good price and a fair price. The face that you get ANYTHING back at all is a gift from Menards. Use your credit check to buy any number of everyday household items at Menards-paper towels,toilet paper,dish soap,light bulbs,I could go on and on.

Anything you use with your credit check is essentially FREE. Quit your silly complaining,you look childish and ***.


So you obviously are incapable of reading your receipt? It clearly states the return policy on the back.

They did make an exception just giving you a price adjustment because the team member informed you incorrectly. Why would they give you cash back? No retailer owes you a price adjustment because of the timing of your purchase....this is a convenience, one they extended for you.

I guess if you want a deal, you should watch for the sales flyer.

Nearly all large companies that I have done business with have an automated system for their corporate office that requires some sort of written communication on any issue. They deal with HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of customers on a daily basis and would be on the phone ALL of the time!