Saint Louis, Missouri

We bought three different items when three different rebates were being offered. Our rebate total should be around $250.

When I emailed the rebate dept, since they have no phone number and people at the store won't give you one, they responded and said that they have no record of my rebates! Seriously?!? I've mailed three separate rebates on three separate dates and have copies of everything. When we went to the store, the so called manager told us to keep emailing the rebate department.

He said he didn't even have a phone number for them. Poor excuse for a manager! Very sad that they make a habit of not paying out rebates.

Several people have had the same experience. Stay away from the Menards in Shiloh, IL!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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WRONG! Rebate International does Menards rebates, google it.

Menards is based out of Eau Claire, Wi here is their corporate address: 4777 Menard Dr Eau Claire WI 54703. Rebate International is a separate company. There is much debate if it's owned/operated by Menards, however Menards maintains the stance that it's out sourced to Rebate International. Rebate International is based out of Elk Mound, WI, and you mail it to a P.O.

Box there.

I work for Menards and this is common knowledge at my store, I've also sent several rebates in myself.


As is obvious, "Heartless" is just that. A heartless rant to all and anyone whom complains about Menards.

They have NEVER supported a complainer, and can't show us where.

So don't let a worthless opinion waver your seeking support. Follow the other good advice that has been given.


Heartless is factually correct, but stating " Menards maintains the stance " is poppycock. John Menard creates profits in many ways by eliminating the middle man.

Case in point...Midwest Manufacturing. A John Menard owned company that sells products to his stores and many small, hometown lumberyards and some bigger locations. Middleman is still there, but the money is funneled back to Menards. Smart, basic Business 101 move there.

Elk Mound WI, home town of Rebate International, is exactly 6.39 miles from the front door of John Menards office. It has a generic website with only one retailer that it advertises its services for ....Menards. It does not list an address unless you send a rebate, which then goes to a PO Box which for all intensive purposes means that it goes by golf cart back down the frontage road along I94 to Johns secretary. Controlling his business (in this case..

rebates) is what makes his operation function efficiently and ultimately less costly.

Less costs are passed on through better prices for the consumer and well above average employee compensation. had me at your well informed facts on some of Menards policies but lost me at HATE and being silly enough to believe that there is any debate as to who runs Rebate International.