Saint Louis, Missouri

We bought three different items when three different rebates were being offered. Our rebate total should be around $250.

When I emailed the rebate dept, since they have no phone number and people at the store won't give you one, they responded and said that they have no record of my rebates! Seriously?!? I've mailed three separate rebates on three separate dates and have copies of everything. When we went to the store, the so called manager told us to keep emailing the rebate department.

He said he didn't even have a phone number for them. Poor excuse for a manager! Very sad that they make a habit of not paying out rebates.

Several people have had the same experience. Stay away from the Menards in Shiloh, IL!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Just maybe they should give you the rebate the day you make the purchase right there at the C.S. counter.


We just went through the same thing here in Elkhart, In. We had about $150.00 in rebate money coming .My wife checked all the dates we sent them in and this is what their response is also .

My wife emailed them also. So is it the mail's fault?

Maybe this volume of rebates is more than they can handle.


Not only your store. They have very poor tracking of receipts received and the ones that are sent could easily be stolen and cashed.


They should do a rebate like a gift card, like Fleet and Farm

does. They had a 10% rebate and immediately they issued

a card with the amount of the 10% I had coming. Very nice

set up and no Postage required.


I have mailed out four rebate forms to Menards rebate center in Wisconsin and have received NOTHING! I think it is a total scam!

DO NOT fall for their "rebate", you will waste money on stamps! Shame on Menards!


I've seen a post that says this is BS. I don't think so.

I have had the same thing happen to me, on several occasions, costing me nearly $ 200.00. I never had a problem with the rebates before they went to a different P.O.

box, I assume a new rebate company as well, but now I never receive them. I am done with Menards.


There goes Kurt once again showing off his super intelligence, maybe Kurt could run for a political office and screw up our country more than it is! Sounds as though he has mastered menards, why not try something larger?


Poor Kurt, hasn't a REAL clue.


Yep. I wear a huge letter " I " on my chest.

No need to run for office, country has been screwed up just fine. I will just discontinue looking at this ridiculous thread of constant whining that you all have mastered. Guys like ObertoO, anonymous Allendale, Anonymous Anderson, Heartless etc. etc etc.

are the real laughing stocks. You people waste countless hours deciding to commentate on how others discuss their experiences. I stumbled across this sight late one evening while looking to find a Menards location. You folks on the other hand are commenting on nearly every thread I saw and I only looked at 23.

THERE ARE 900 !!! Do you have lives or do you feel better by ripping on others through a computer? I won't be commenting or viewing any longer so enjoy the last hurrah bashing me after I leave.

Time to mow the lawn. Regards.


I know for a fact that a US Postal Worker is being investigated for stealing Menards rebate checks in Pekin IL. He ahs not been charged but was arrested with 12 in his pocket in Feburary 2013. File Complaints and pursue with USPS and Menards!!!


Yea, so postal workers stole all of the missing rebates? Real smart.. I too have mailed a rebate 2 months ago and there's no record of it on Menards (Yes, rebate international was created by menards and is owned by them.) Their rebate scam is a joke..


I have worked with numerous guests who never received their rebates for one reason or another. In all my dealings with Rebate International I have never once had them turn away a rebate of any size when the guest was able to provide a sales receipt. Yes, it generally takes a week for the correspondence but everyone that I've dealt with has been pleased to see their rebate in roughly two weeks time (from initial correspondence).


Kurt is a factual bozo who represents Menards finest. That's why we love laughing at his simple minded experiences and dreams for his super store. :grin


I too have a rebate not rec'd. Emailed the rebate site and got a response that they have nothing on record.

Now.....I email again with my copies so it can be processed. Jayson is still "getting back with me in 3-5 business days". Really? We just spoke via email and I gave you the doc's.

What is the hold up again to at least tell me - yes, I see your attached docs and I will process this for you myself? This 11% store credit rebate is a huge hassle. My 1st time using Menards and my interest in them is waning.

I will most likely go back to Lowe's as it's closer and non of this run around. Just give the customer the 11% back at check out and save everyone the time and hassle.


I am a frequent Menards' rebater and have had some problems also. However, I resolve this by writing a letter to Tecla Majeska, Processing Manager, Rebates International, PO Box 99, Elk Mound, WI 54739-0099, indicating the rebate #, the amount expected and enclosing a copy of my receipt. If they did not receive your rebate certificate and you meet the requirements of the rebate, they will honor the rebate amount.

I have found that if you rebate, you have to keep good records. Hope this helps you.


These are outsourced the address and company are different. When did you mail the rebates?

If you have copies and have waited the appropriate amount of time I bet they will work with you, unless they know you are publicly insulting them in a childish way, then you might be out of luck. Being rude and condecending does not help.

You might try again in a polite way with the copy of the rebate receipt it does have a tracking number. Best of luck.


The rebate department you're funny. Anyone who knows anything about Menards knows the rebate program is "out sourced to a different company." Three common issues that occur when rebates go missing, you filled it out incorrectly, you sent it to the wrong place, it was stolen in the mail. It even states on the the rebates Menards is not responsible for missing rebates.


There is actually a "rebate department" up at the general office. Look at the address; by no means is it outsourced.


Apparently you haven't met "Heartless" yet.

No matter your complaint, he will call you any manner of names that all translate to, "the complainer is always wrong and the company is always right".

He also goes by the name LadyScot but has gotten so much heat from that alias, he generally just sticks to this one.

Don't pay attention to him. He is just a professional responder, although he won't say who employs him.


I'm not Ladyscot, if you think so then you're beyond clueless. I also do not call people names, I make very clear points that the complainers cannot comprehend because they're too busy raging to open their eyes.

I also do not believe the company is always right, in most cases they just are. I've agreed with several complainers on here when they make a valid point. I also hate Menards, but I hate ignorant complainers MOREEEEE. Want to know why?

THEY RUN RAMPANT, all these self entitled shoppers who think they can treat you like *** and you have to just sit there and take it. Anyone who defends the moronic people on here clearly have never dealt with the rude consumers of this world.