Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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I purchased a Christmas Gift 11/23/07 which is the day after Thanksgiving. (Door Buster Friday)

I tried to return the unwanted gift 1/5/08.They picked the TD policy which is no return after 30 days.

Christmas of course is 12/25/07 which means I would have to present the gift at least 3 days before Christmas and return it by 12/23/07.

I will boycott this store and never enter it again.

They should remember Home Depot is just done the street and real nice people to deal with.

The receipt is so confusing. I feel this is deceitful.

Monetary Loss: $85.

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to the guy below me...boohoo yourself most stores have a return policy of 90 days, so you get over it b


I mean come on. BOO HOO.

Every business has a return policy. GET OVER IT. I get so sick and tired of dealing with people who can't follow the rules.

You know, we do offer gift receipts...all you have to do is ask. You should consider yourself lucky, some stores wont even accept a return after 30 days, receipt or not!


According to other comments, I am unable to "sniff John Menard's butt" because my head is stuck up it. Get your facts straight. Hahaha.


I feel sorry for your posisition. During the Yuletide season I purchased a MP3 player for my little brother knowing full-well the consequences should it need to be returned. After all, it is "black Friday" for a reason.

Sure enough I had bought him one that needed to get returned due to a malfunction. However, I was able to exchange it, and I was also informed that should that MP3 player malfunction that I could get an in-store credit and if need be, try to contact an other Menards whom had the MP3 player and either pick it up or have it sent to me.

Also, I was told that if something went wrong again (which it didn't) that I could always go through the company who manufactured the product (which was name-brand) and claim the warranty through them.

To me, it sounds like you forgot the true meaning of the season: Thought. If it was truly that big of a fiasco you could have always presented a gift certificate.


doubtful you will be missed. it's only a matter of time before you have problems with HD or lowes.

it's not where you shop. it's the shopper. you don't get anything with attitude. if a person is an ***, do you want to see them again?

no. menards is growing like crazy. they are doing something right.

HD is going in the toilet, they are not. you are soon to find out why.


:sigh seems like Mr. ROBERTO has nothing to do but harass others and sniff John Menards butt


Wow...the self proclaimed "Christian" of the posts had a word bleeped out....very "Christian". ***.


I agree with you Ginny. Don't feel obligated to conform to Roberto's comment. He has his head so far up their ***, that is they stopped, he would break his neck...


Please, go to Home Depot and never come back to Menard's...we don't like people like you and we don't need your business. When you get "pissed" at HD because you didn't pay attention to their policies, then go to Lowe's.

After it happens there, please....and I really mean PLEASE....go away. Stay home.

You're allowed to come out one time per year for one hour to buy food (not at Menard's by the way). Do society a favor....stay away from us.


Good job, did you read about it at all after you bought it? I know people shouldn't have to read return policies before or after they buy something and it only applies when they have a problem or an inconveniance, honestly though wow.

Know a return policy or be upset. High five


why didn't you get a gift receipt?