Adrian, Michigan

At the time I got 81 rolls of crestone architectual shingles and 3 rolls of sheet shingles for my home. They delivered and all was fine.

Sent in my rebates $3.00 for each bundle and $2.00 for sheet shingles. Never have gotten any rebate and went on line to review if they had received them and they knew nothing about the rebates sent in? Any other time I have received my rebates within 6 weeks with no hassle, but this time it was a bit more. Where in the h*** is my rebate.

They guarnateed up to $200.00 and mine was only $172.00!!!!!!!!!!!! Won't do that again.

I will take my receipt to Jackson Menards and let them figure out what to do next. What a rip off!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $172.

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home depot's rebate process allows you to submit online, is 100x faster, and you get a debit card instead of store credit.


Crestone shingles rolls? No such thing.

Maybe you're referring to Castlebrook architectural shingle BUNDLES .

I'm assuming you're talking about felt underlayment for the sheet shingles. It's hard take this seriously if you don't even know the correct names for products you've purchased.


I've been using their rebated for years and not had any problems. I was once ready to mail a rebate, had the envelope sealed and stamped and the noticed I hadn't put the receipt in the envelope. With as many rebates as they offer, and they obviously work you might consider the fact that you failed to include something in the envelope, put the wrong address on the envelope, forgot to put a stamp on it or it even got lost in the mail.

@happy with rebates

"happy with rebates" might just be a little too happy. With all the errors in his comment he's got to be getting "happy" on something. :upset

@happy with rebates

explain resubmitting 4 times the same (copy) receipt as instructed, and never getting a reply to not receiving one? $160 loss of rebate!

@screwed by menards

That really sux that they ripped you off. Don't give up, and don't give in. Hopefully Menards will do the right thing eventually.


The Menards "Rebate" program is full of problems. Just read how many of the complaints here are about a problem with someone's rebate to know that.

Seems obvious that something so many customers take advantage of is important to keep working smoothly. But so many have problems getting their rebates that it looks like just another way for Menards to make money and provide poor customer service.


You probably filled it out wrong or it was stolen, but are KNOWN TO HAPPEN ALL THE TIME.


There was probably a limit for the number of bundles that would qualify for the rebate. Any sale will have a limit.

It's a good deal if you read the fine print and follow the simple directions.


Crestone shingle? Never heard of it.