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Some time ago we bought paint ,carpeting, and a numerous amount of products ,sent our rebates in and never received our money just a lot of unnecessary running around.When we brought it to their attention they hand you a phone number and tell you to handle it yourself.Fine store when you dish out over 5 thousand dollars and they can't even bother to rectify the problem.Someone there should take notice in their customers instead of their bank account.Better relations work when you work with the costumer.To bad they are not customer wise. Just to bad./

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I have been a Menards customer for over 20 years and have lived in two different states both with Menards. Unfortunetly when you live out in the sticks there aren't a lot of hardware store choices so I had to shop at Menards regularly.

I have yet to receive even one rebate back from Menards. I have sent in literally dozens of these rebate forms and receipts over the years for everything from paint to recliners and have never ever received one rebate back. I have even had the store employees help me fill everything out and put it in an envelope and mail it out that day to have the rebate never come to me. I now try to avoid Menards because the price they offer usually includes some rebate so the price is not actually the price you pay at the register, it is some reduced price they show which is supposed to be the cost to you after the rebate but you still pay full price first.

Then they never send you a rebate back. Yes the rebates are handled by a third party but Menards has to oversee it somehow and also must be paying this third party for services rendered so they (menards) can not be let off the hook for this. I am currently waiting on a rebate that I sent in more than 7 weeks ago. This time I plan on seeing this to some conclusion.

I have tried contacting the rebate company and Menards and have not heard back from either yet. I hope others do not fall into the Menards false advertisement trap of paying full price for something labeled with a lower rebated price tag.


Menards rebates are handled by rebateinternational. You can go to their website and check on the status of all your rebates for the past year.

It also listed the rebates received and when/which store you redeemed them at.

Also provides additional contact information if there is an issue. Their website is (Note "rebate" is singular.)


I've never had a problem with Menard's. Rebates always come and they always gladly refund my money when something isn't right. I take advantage of the bonus / rebate points every year too.

The only problem with ALL home improvement stores in the US is they have no choice but to sell Chinese made merchandise. Menard's goes all out to bring as many USA made products as possible and even has their own door plant's in the USA.

I love the Made In USA promotions they hold constantly. I wish Walmart could do that but, all they sell is import junk!


I agree with both people that commented. It's an outside company.

Are you sure that YOU filled out the paperwork properly?

It could have been an error on your part. Again-at least Menards offers this service..


i work at a menards. first off no matter what someones problem is they are going to begin there rant with "I spend X many thousands of dollars hear each year." Whether or not its true doesn't matter because it's not relevant.

Then the talk about how long of drive it is to get there and how they can't make it up there very often. I'm not 100% sure one who deals with the rebates whether its the menards general office, or an outside company, but i do know this Not a single person in the menards store has anything to do with the rebates. They did the only thing that they could, gave you the number to talk to the people WHO DO deal with the rebates.

Did you ever check to see if the rebate wa expired? and how long was it before you sent the rbates and then posted this complaint?


These issues cannot be handled at store level as the rebates are handled by an outside company. Why does everyone think that all companies are out to get them?

You don't operate over 260 stores by only caring about a bank account and duping customers. At least Menards offers this service.

Go to their competitors and pay much more, I am sure they would be glad to have you. Then you can complain about their prices on this site.