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Second time around having to deal with this company in regards to receiving our rebate from them. First time we purchased a 55" TV from menards on their "special" rebate of 11% back through this company. First of all, the TV was faulty, so we returned it. We were told because of this issue there would be NO restocking fee. WRONG. Our original rebate should have been $95.00. After several months of contacting this company and resending our receipt and rebate via email, we receive $78.00. What happened to the other $13.00.

Second time we purchased a trailer with a rebate of $50.00 in October. It is now February and we had to resend the receipt and rebate number via email once again. We expressed our dissatisfaction with them along with this.

Our reply is, We apologize because we do not have that rebate in our system and we thank you for letting us know that you had sent it in. We will be issuing your rebate.

My question is If this company is so untrustworthy why is Menards still using them.

For us, shopping at Menards is not on our list of places to go anymore. I would rather pay a higher price through another facility than have to use a company that promises a rebate and then you have to fight to get that rebate.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

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I send in the rebate forms, I rarely actually get a rebate. I have even had someone else fill out the form just in case I'm doing it wrong.

No rebate. On those rare occasions when a rebate does arrive, it's not a check, it's a merchandise voucher, so Menards gets the money anyway. I have learned not to pay attention to rebates.

If I want the product, I just figure on the real price rather than the fantasy price. It's easier on the stress zone.


What exactly are all you people doing when you send in for rebates? I have been sending in rebates through Menards for twenty years and have yet to experience any problems.

True, the rebates are only good for purchasing products from Menards, but you are most likely going to spend the amount of money on the product anyway so the rebate is basically just a bonus for buying at Menards. Go buy some toilet paper if nothing else, unless you don't wipe your ***.


I shop at Menard's rarely now due to their almost total lack of employees on the floor to answer questions; the lack of any carts inside BOTH doors, not just the one; and because they seem to like tricking you with a big sale price on an item in their ad, but when you read it closely, it is AFTER a rebate and then upon further reading of the circular, you find out they give you a rebate which is only good at a Menards store. In other words, you have to spend it in their own store.

Thus, I stopped going there unless absolutely necessary.

I recommend you do the same. Home Depot or Lowe's is a viable alternative.