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In May of this year Menards had a promotion going on for deck wash, after you mail the rebate in the deck wash is free Ha! Ha!

It would be if they would ever acknowledge the rebate< I stopped at the store to ask them about it, nobody knows anything. Again I purchased an air mattress with a 5.00 rebate sent all the information in still no rebate, nobody to call, gave me a website to get on, nothing, I guess I have learned my lesson, I will not shop at Menards anymore, I will go to Lowes or Home Depot.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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That's why it says right on the rebate form that you should make a copy for your files. is the web site where you can check on your rebates, then if there's a problem, you can call them with the rebate number (the reason to keep a copy).


I too got stiffed on a Menard's rebate. I bought 4 bags of birdseed, supposedly with $3 rebate on each, only to get a $9 rebate.

I couldn't find any web address or phone number to contact them so will be returning all 4 bags to the store for full credit. I have no need for the $9 store credit anymore since I refuse to shop there anymore.


I love how Menard's give rebates but you have to spend it back in their store. Why bother with them at all. Lower the prices.

paint man

paint man


I have received hundreds of rebates over the last 20 years. They are the easiest forms to fill out and send.

You don't have to take boxtops, labels, or copies of receipts and owners manuals. Some rebates take 20 minutes to fill out all the forms and find what they want.

I catalog the rebates and discard when I get the rebate. I never had to pursue them.


If you did send in your rebate CORRECTLY then you shouldn't have a problem. I get all my rebates sent back to me with NO issues. I purchase many rebate items and have NEVER had a problem.