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In May of this year Menards had a promotion going on for deck wash, after you mail the rebate in the deck wash is free Ha! Ha!

It would be if they would ever acknowledge the rebate< I stopped at the store to ask them about it, nobody knows anything. Again I purchased an air mattress with a 5.00 rebate sent all the information in still no rebate, nobody to call, gave me a website to get on, nothing, I guess I have learned my lesson, I will not shop at Menards anymore, I will go to Lowes or Home Depot.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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Useful comments - I Appreciate the insight ! Does someone know where my business might be able to locate a fillable NYC RPIE-2010 Instruction document to fill in ?


Hi, my work colleague edited a template NYC RPIE-2010 Instruction version using this


I don't apply for credit or redeem anything.they all phishing for info.they want to know where you use the commode they sold you


I too am waiting on rebates for 2 dehumidifiers I purchased in early June. After reading the comments below I am convinced that I will not get part of my rebate so I'm taking the *** back. Don't F with me.


how come i never get rebates back sent to menards happened so many times


Dan, get you stores correct Valspar is a only found at lowes bright one


I got a rebate check# 25551 on 4/01/11 and one of the regbates was not on the check. Rebate 4483 was missing on sertificate #0-060627-247561.

Receipt Reg 8 7533 2/25/11 3103


Good luck on getting reabtes correctly and timely. I should have gotten 448.00 in rebates got only 174.00.

I followed all of thier directions (both the store and rebates international) nothing is ever thier fault. Rebates International and Menards Corp HQ are in the same building in WI. All of the e-mails you send either one go through the same corporate servers. This whole set up smacks of consumer fraud, and anti trust law violations.

Rest assured I will no longer be shopping at menards. As if they care anyway!!


Brother, Uncle and myself all bought Valspar paint with rebate. filled out all forms and sent in together.

My brother got his rebate my uncle and I did not. Then Paint was recalled after installation


The rebate thing is just a big scam.Their hoping you will never send it in.When you do it takes up to six weeks.What a load of **** in your diaper.


Both my mom and I do Menards rebates all the time. As with any rebate you have to make sure you read all the stipulations and stuff.

If you look up online how to do Menards rebates it will tell you that you get a Menards check. If you have questions about rebates you should be asking someone at customer service. There are always a few rebates that come in the form of a gift card for the store the rebate is at. Not unusual.

Walgreens used to give gift cards for their rebates. Also nearly always you can't use P.O. boxes with the rebates. It is all common sense rebate stuff!

You gotta read the rules and know the rules. All the people complaining on here probably didn't follow some of the rules thus why they didn't get their rebates.

Maybe they used P.O. boxes or didn't spend enough money or didn't meet the criteria some other way.



Rather than posting on this web site why don't you go to Their info was on the rebate coupon you copied and checked. Look at their FAQ sections and follow their directions for what to do if you didn't get the rebate you expected.


Got my rebate check in the mail today. Should have been for $240, but was for $20 instead.

I went back and checked the photocopies I made before mailing the originals and confirmed that the limit was 240. Definitely their error.



Menards would save alot of money if they printed out at the register the rebate certificate instead of the rebate receipt. This is how the CVS and Walgreens stores do it and it would save them having to issue certificates that are mailed in as well as printing out rebate mail ins.

Its a no brainer and more customer friendly!



never received five old rebates why ????


If Eunice had taken time to read the complete signs she would have seen that the limits were included in the details as well as that the rebate is in the form of a merchandise credit check.


In Dec./09, I went to a friend's wedding in Minot, N.Dakota & shopped at Menards. Seeing the big rebate sign by certain items that I was purchasing, seemed very impressive.

Wow, - ya right!! After bringing the forms back to Saskatchewan, filling them in, I realized that I could only send in for so many of each item. What a crock!! They never had the min.

on the sign by the item!! Ok, so I sent in what I was allowed to. Some I threw away cuz the cashier apparently should have given me separate receipts for items I bought sev. of.

My God!!

Received my so called Rebate a few days ago. Now I realize I have to go back across the country to spend it. When will I ever get back to the States to a Menards store.

I thought it was coming in the form of a cheque that I could cash at the bank. Never did I dream that I had to go back there to cash the cheque. What a rip off!!!! All the time and effort and stamps, etc., and now I can throw away my whole 25.50 cheque.

I like how they hide all the fine print. it's not like 25.50 is alot, but it is the way it is all run.

I can say I will not enter thru another Menard's door in my life and will not speak fondly of it to anyone. I guess they know how to lose business over these *** things.


I have quite a few rebates that I am waiting for and I know I will never get. They are getting old.

I don`t know who to contact. I have went to the store and they give you now help.

I would like to talk to a real person or get an email. Please help.


I've sent in quite a few Menards rebates over the past years and have never had a single issue. With any rebate, you must be very sure you are meeting the criteria to get that rebate (correct numbers, no PO boxes for your address, etc)


I've never had a problem with them, and the issue with the bird seed seems like there was a limit of 3 rebates.