Byron Center, Michigan
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I went into Menards expecting to get 11% taken off my total bills of $40.28 only to find out I need to submit a rebate form.I now need to mail the form once I find it and spend the cost of postage Not happy with how Menards handles rebates. The form should have been given to me when I checked out by the cashier.

Since I don't drive and I can't find the form on the WEB site it looks like Menards will have additional $ 4.18 in profits. I am on a fixed income and every $ in my pocket is important.

Unhappy Menards customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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Quit your *** They would have gotten the 4 dollars back regardless. It's in-store credit. They lose absolutely nothing through the 11% rebates (why do you think they run them so often???)


It's an 11% rebate sale. Rebates are usually something you mail in, not a discount at the register.

The forms were available right across from the registers. You can also print them on



It DOES pay to become an informed consumer/shopper! Fhs, go back to the store and pick one up!


I think it's a shame that as large of a store as msnards is that they don't have more electric carts. The St. Louis store is two or three times larger than home depot but only have one cart, it should have at lease five.


Fixed income? As in you don't work for nothing WELFARE income?

I don't feel sorry for you one bit, you're lazy and not very bright. First of all it's advertised as the 11% rebate sale, not 11% SALE.

Second of all even if you mailed in your rebate you can only use it at Menards. Finally it's your responsibility as the consumer to educated yourself on exactly what the promotion is before you try and take part in it.


So basically what you're saying is, you don't know what a fixed income is? Pensions are a fixed income, SS is a fixed income, annuity payments are a fixed income, etc.

Welfare is not considered fixed income. So you might not be lazy as you called the poster, but you're definitely not very bright.